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BeerWard 10-07-2011 02:51 AM

First Bucket Explosion with picture
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So I should have known better. Since going all-grain, I have had inconsistent efficiency. Brewed 2 days ago and ended up under gravity but with more volume. So I put close to 6 gallons in the bucket. I have had success with femcaps so added those and was monitoring the airlock. Steady this AM and clear with no hint of krausen, but tonight after work I checked. The bucket had exploded. I so should have gone straight to blow-off. Took everything out of the fridge and rinsed it, but it will need a good cleaning after this batch is done with active fermentation. Overall, I'm just laughing at myself. I sanitized the lid and hooked up the blowoff. Hoping the beer will be fine. I expect it will be

BeerWard 10-07-2011 03:58 AM

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Originally Posted by h22lude View Post
What are you using for a blow off tube with the bucket?
I have some 1/2 ID vinyl tube that connects to the 3 piece center airlock. Just checked and there is already krausen blowing off.

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