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SMTX 01-17-2013 12:49 AM

First brew! NB patersbier
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Hello folks,

My girl and I recently decided to give brewing a try, so we bought all the stuff and did our research to hit the ground running. We're using a Patersbier extract kit from northernbrewer, and doing a half batch in a 3 gallon carboy.

I basically cut all the ingredients in half to make 2.5 gallons, but used the entire yeast packet (Wyeast 3787). The boil went well, aside from some confusion on the time required to steep the specialty grains. Using a home made CFC we got the wort down to ~75 degrees going into the fermenter. To bring the level up to 2.5 gallons, I used half tap water and half distilled to cut down some high bicarbonate levels (300ppm).

The yeast packet swelled up pretty well in only a couple hours, and was directly pitched shortly after the fermenter was filled. Shook it up for a few minutes, and set up the blow off.

We finished around 11:30PM Monday night. By 9AM Tuesday it was bubbling pretty well and krausen was forming. By Tuesday evening we had a good 1.5" layer of krausen. This morning (8AM Wednesday) It was evident that the krausen had creeped into the blowoff slightly. This evening, though, the krausen has fallen back down to about a couple inches tall.

Up until this evening there were many bubbles forming in the brew, but now there aren't near as many (visible, anyway). The blowoff tube is still bubbling consistently every second or so, and the brew is still churning and swirling around well. I keep a thermometer in the blowoff jug water assuming the brew should be about the same temperature (too afraid to measure the actual brew and possibly contaminate). It stays a consistent 68 degrees.

I've read a lot of comments saying the 3787 is a high flocculator, and I am concerned that something may have gone wrong with my yeast. Also, patience is something I have never been good at so I may be worried about nothing.

Anyway, heres a pic of the brew right now. You can see the krausen filled the carboy, but has fallen to just above the little dark line. Hopefully it turns out good, all comments/suggestions welcome!!

SMTX 01-23-2013 07:33 AM

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8 days in its clearing up and still barely bubbling. Gravity is at 1.011. Tasted like beer!

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