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thizzberg 12-15-2012 10:34 PM

First batch of Munton's Gold Pilsner, need advice on secondary
Hey guys, I'm about to brew my first batch and I've been reading a lot about how to do it correctly. In order to make the error margin as small as possible, my first batch is going to be a Munton's gold kit. I've gathered my equipment and I think my inventory is more than enough (fermenting bucket, bottling bucket, auto syphon, bottling wand, 6 gallon glass carboy, and all the other knick knacks).

I feel like I'm ready and well versed on the dos and don'ts, however, the directions on my Munton's Gold Pilsner kit are throwing me off. The kit is telling me to ferment in primary for a week and go straight to bottling. From what I've gathered (and it seems like a lot of people disagree on the topic), I should rack to a secondary for probably around 2 weeks to get the most out of my beer.

I have the equipment to do it nicely, but my kit is a no boil kit. Would racking something that hasn't been boiled put my batch at risk in terms of infection? Should I just bottle it after a week in primary? Should I leave it in my primary for a few more weeks? Should I rack?

I also have a Munton's Gold Imperial Stout kit on my hands and am wondering if I should just ferment it in the carboy simultaneously while the pilsner ferments in the bucket.
Have any of you guys messed around with those kits? If, so any input would be appreciated on how you fermented it.

menerdari 12-15-2012 11:36 PM

Most of us don't use a secondary for most beers, BUT 1 week is too soon to bottle, I would wait at least 2 weeks and then bottle after you get the same hydrometer reading a couple of days apart.
6 gallon carboy is too big for a secondary anyway (assuming you made a 5 gallon batch). You want as little head space as possible when doing a secondary.

thizzberg 12-16-2012 09:41 AM

Thanks for the feedback. That's what I was thinking. The batch I'm making is 5 UK gallons, which is equal to 6 US gallons. Do you think half a gallon is enough head space for a primary (especially for an imperial stout which I've read likes going crazy in primary)? I think I'm going to leave my first kit in my ferm bucket during primary until I get good readings, and if the headspace appropriate, I'll ferment the other kit in my carboy at the same time.

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