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MattsFlyShop 11-19-2012 04:29 PM

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I have 4 to 5 inches of ? at the bottom of my fermenter, some of it is a little grain that made it past my grain strainer, and then remained in the boil, then made it's way into the fermenter... I'm sure a lot of that is yeast as well, but how do I filter past this during transfer to my Secondary(carboy)?

MattsFlyShop 11-26-2012 03:00 PM

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I transferred my Brown Ale to a Bright this weekend, i'll have about 3.5 Gal to bottle when all is said and done...not being patient and paying too little attention cost me a half of a batch of good beer. I brewed a Pale Ale yesterday with much better results as I used a Grain and Hop Bag (sterilized 5Gal paint Strainer) throughout the boil and removed it just before the cool... the transfer into my fermenter was effortless... I'm living proof that Cavemen Can Brew Beer

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