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jrlinton 07-06-2012 08:35 PM

Fermentation still active after 21 days?
Hey guys, so I'm relatively new to brewing and am having trouble with an IPA I am currently fermenting (even though I feel like I should be bottling today). It is a relatively higher gravity IPA which had an OG around 1.075. Before racking to my secondary, I let it sit in the primary for a full 7 days at which point a bubble would be released in the airlock about once every 80 seconds. At this point I was getting a reading of about 1.012. I then racked it and then dry hopped and let it sit for another 2 weeks (a rookie mistake I later read about given the possibility of a grassy taste). THIS is where I'm very confused. It has been dry hopping in the secondary for 2 weeks at this point and its still bubbling in the air lock... once every 18 seconds! I just took a reading and got about 1.009. It tastes a little on the sweet side, but I'm not getting any grassy flavors. I'm afraid if I let it sit any longer the grassy flavors will come so I want to bottle, but don't want bottle bombs.

Should I rack it to a 3rd fermenter to get the dry hopping out of the beer and then let it sit a little longer?

What would be my best course of action? Thanks!

homebrewdad 07-06-2012 08:40 PM

Best course of action? Ignore the bubbles. Take another gravity reading in a couple of days. If stable, go ahead and bottle. If not, wait.

Revvy 07-06-2012 08:40 PM

More than likely at 1.009 it's done, and just offgassing due to atmospheric conditions. Airlock bubbling does NOT always equal fermentation.

If you're concerned, you know the proper way to tell if it's done, wait another two days and take a reading. If it's still 1.009 it's done.

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