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NTOLERANCE 11-27-2010 06:59 PM

Easiest beer I have ever made recipe
I have made this brew too many times to count now. I am by no means a beginner but I thought that posting it here would be of help to many trying to brew for the first time.

This beer will be appreciated by everyone. Weather I bring it to my picky inlaws, fire pit at a friends house where the usual fair is miller lite, or my local home brew club - its well received and the brews go fast.

A few notes first:

1. You won't need any real special equipment

2. This beer won't really fit into any particular style. Although it was originally modified fromt a belgian blonde ale its nowhere close now. I call it an amber wheat.
Technically I would say its an amber ale.

3. Yes its a wheat based beer but don't expect it to be cloudy.

4. I usually keg but I have bottled this. My opinion, skip the corn sugar and buy the muntons carb tabs. Follow the directions on the package. I believe its two per bottle. I used three in my 1 litre bottles and it came out fine

On to the ingredients.

Grains / extract

3.3 lbs extra light extract syrup
3.3 lbs wheat extract syrup
1 lb wheat dry extract
.25 lbs carapils/dextrine
.25 lbs crystal 20L
( I have brewed this with and without the last two ingredients. I prefer it with)

Do not use all tap water. There are two reasons for this:

1. This brew will not like all hard water
2. We are going to use some of our water as a make shift chiller.
Buy 4 gallons of RO water. Read the labels at the grocery store you'll find reverse osmosis on the labels. (RO water)


I usually use saaz hops for this brew. Pick up 2 ounces of pellets.


Safale 05 has never failed me. Yes its dry, no I don't use a starter. I pitch directly into the carboy. If you're worried about dry yeast, use a 1056 liquid pack.


I use starsan. Easy to measure out, reuseable and inexpensive


I use irish moss in most of my brews. I use 1 tsp in this brew
Coriander ( 1 oz cracked)and orange zest(1 orange) are also optional. I use both everytime I make this.


3 gallon or larger brew pot
Fermenter - glass prefered but an ale pail with a bottling spigot will work.
Air lock
Muslin grain bag.
Funnel with mesh filter/screen.

Stir spoon

Pre brew day

Take 3 gallons of your RO water and get it cold. Colder the better but not frozen.

Brew day

Place the two cans of extract syrup in a pan of hot water. You'll want to remove the labels as well

If you're using the 1056 liquid slap packet, slap it now.

Place 2 gallons of tap water and 1/2 gall of your unchilled RO water in your brew pot and heat to 160 degrees. Steep your crystal and carapils if you're using them in the muslin bag for 20-30 minutes.

Remove and drain bag. No need to squeeze water out.

Slowly add the two cans of extract syrup and one lb of dry extract. If you are using a 3 gall pot, your pot is going to be really full. Pay attention and slowly put all hops and extracts in to prevent a boil over. Yes if you dump 1 oz of hops into the pot at boil, it can boil over.

Bring to a boil and add 1/2 ounce of saaz pellets. During this part of the boil I will sanitize my fermenter with 1 ounce of star san and 5 gal of tap water. I will also sanitize my funnel and air lock. I use starsan solution in my air locks. This brew is a bit on the smoother / sweeter side. Add another 1/2 oz of saaz at this time if you want a bit more bitterness. Notice I said bitterness not aroma.
After 40 minutes add another 1/2 oz of saaz pellets. Near the end of this boil time I will siphon the starsan solution from the fermenter dry the fermenter and add 2 gallons of the pre chilled RO water to the fermenter.
After 10 minutes and another 1/2 oz of saaz pellets, coriander, oranges zest, and the irish moss.
After 10 more minutes of boiling shut off heat, place sanitized funnell in fermenter and pour your wort onto the two gallons of prechilled RO water.

Your screen in the funnell will get plugged with the coriander, hops and orange zest. When the flow slows, put the brew pot back on the stove, and using the spoon, stir the funnell contents till the fluid is drained. Then, pick up the funnel and dump the contents out. If you're careful and don't let the funnel touch anything and you pick it up by the edge sanitation will usually not be an issue. Keep the spoon in the wort or in your hand. Your wort is still 200 degrees or so. I usually have to dump the funnel 3 times.

Once the brew pot is empty, top up with your remaining 1 gallon of chilled RO water to 5 gallons.

You'll find your wort is now very close to room temperature. Take a hydrometer reading with a sanitized siphon. You should be around 1.050
Add your yeast and your sanitized air lock. I ferment this at about 62 degrees or so. 1 week in the primary. Then straight to the keg or bottle. I find its ready to enjoy as soon as its carbed.

Youll notice that the ingredients are in the exact amounts you buy them at the local home brew store. No waste.

Any questions give a shout. I'll post a pic of this brew later

Great brew with a slice of orange.

Justibone 11-28-2010 06:46 PM


This would be awesome with pictures, especially including the orange and coriander. :)

NTOLERANCE 11-28-2010 06:48 PM


Originally Posted by Justibone (Post 2436656)

This would be awesome with pictures, especially including the orange and coriander. :)

Having a bit of trouble finding one.....I have another batch fermenting right now. I'll get a pic of it in the carboy.

NTOLERANCE 11-28-2010 07:48 PM

Here it is in the carboy.



KMKsuburbannoise 11-28-2010 07:54 PM

i'm going to try this, thanks

benharper13 11-28-2010 08:17 PM

broken hydrometer
Pre boil I was around 1.035-1.040 (didn't adjust for temp so somewhat of a guess) I broke the hydrometer after I boiled off about two gallons. That should increase og right?

Justibone 11-28-2010 08:48 PM

Def. Less water = higher concentration (of sugar, alcohol, etc.).

bovineblitz 11-28-2010 09:05 PM

Looks like a pyrex acid carboy :thumbsup:

Justibone 11-28-2010 09:17 PM


Originally Posted by bovineblitz (Post 2436890)
Looks like a pyrex acid carboy :thumbsup:

I didn't notice that before! You could almost flip that type over and use it as a conical... since you have that outlet thingie at the bottom to potentially vent your CO2... hmm.

NTOLERANCE 11-28-2010 09:48 PM

Yepp, someone called it a Demijohn?

I did think about flipping it once. I am a welder and could make a stand. Hmmm..

I go that from a retired home brewer. I had to take everything he had.....

Two "Keggles"
Two large inline water filters - now one is a "hop back"
Reversion chiller
And the carboy....Demijohn.......Pyrex acid thingy....whatever is it. :)

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