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Krrazy 04-22-2011 08:33 PM

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What wouldn't be good with this added!! Four minutes until flameout!! It looks and smells great.

EDIT: Don't know what happened here -- I took a picture on my iPhone of the coriander, hops and orange zest but it's not showing up.

Krrazy 05-25-2011 02:20 AM

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I misread my Brew Calendar and threw two bottles in the fridge a week early. After three weeks in the carboy and ten days in the bottle, this is what I have. I'm decently surprised at the carbonation level.

The taste is very drinkable!! I think I'll unveil a few six packs of this at a picnic on Memorial Day. I'm getting a gentle touch of the coriander right now and not too much orange but we'll let 'er warm up a bit and see what develops.

I'll defiantly add this to my rotation, perhaps trying to get a bit more malt profile next time. I generally like a bit more flavor but this might just be the very light and refreshing alternative that my pipeline needed right now and I'm happy with the outcome. Thanks again!

Vismal 08-16-2011 12:25 AM

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I recently made this beer as my first ever homebrew attempt! Bubbling started within 12 hours. Looks and smells delicious! Can't wait to keg this and share it with friends! I think I'm going to be brewing a lot in the near future. Process was easy and fun. I have a buddy who split the cost of equipment with me and I have a ton of space around my house and garage to brew! Thanks to the OP for getting me started! Heres a picture 48 hours after brewing...

NTOLERANCE 08-21-2011 11:54 PM

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Originally Posted by NTOLERANCE View Post
I brewed this again, 10 gallons this time, and tried to get more of a red hue to it.
I also more asertively hopped it. So, esentially its not the same recipe anymore, but more of an evolution. Still super easy to make:

5 Gallon Recipe:

6.6 lbs of Pale Liquid Extract
1/2 lb light dry extract
1/2 lb of Crystal 20L
.25 lb Choc Malt
.5 oz nugget at 60 min
.5 EKG at 10 min
.5 EKG at 5 min

Safale 05

This one was 2 gallons of RO water (chilled, waitng in the carboy) and the rest tap water.

OG came in at about 1.47

Should have a redish hue in the glass at 15.3 srm. Right now its a dark red/brown.
Its staying dark red/Brown. Forgot the irish moss, and its a bit cloudy. Very tasty though.

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