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DaksBrew 05-20-2011 10:48 PM

Dry hopping
I have an IPA that Was brewed a week and a half ago. It fermented in primary for a week. OG: 1.070 FG: 1.012. I transferred to seconday after a week and threw some pellet hops in for dry hopping.

I've seen somewhere that somebody said the did dry hoping with pellets and had crunchy pieces in the end product. Is this true? Is there a way to screen out the gunk?

kapbrew13 05-20-2011 10:52 PM

I don't siphon the last few drops to avoid floaty stuff in my beer.

avidhomebrewer 05-21-2011 02:46 AM

I have never had crunchy pieces when I dry hopped. Do what kap said and leave the last bit in the carboy.

Calder 05-21-2011 04:15 AM

Leave it 2 weeks, the hops will drop. Rack to a bottling bucket, and tat should leave almost all the hops behind. Then bottle from the bottling bucket. Only the last bottle should have anything in it.

BainbridgeBrewer 05-21-2011 04:22 AM

Most of the hops should settle out like everyone has said. If you happen to get some hop bits into the bottling bucket, just let it settle for 15 minutes or so in the bottling bucket before you start to bottle. Most of the time the stuff that gets as far as the bottling bucket will stay below the spigot. If something gets into a bottle, chances are it will settle down with the yeast and it'll stay with the yeast on the bottom of the bottle when you pour.

scrambledegg81 05-21-2011 06:35 AM

Best way I've found to pre-filter before bottling: sanitize a hop bag (or two if you're really anal about it...) and a few rubber bands. Wrap the bag around the end of your racking cane & secure it with the rubber bands.

Voila! An in-line ghetto-spawned beer filtration system!

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