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Sophocles 11-27-2009 05:13 PM

Done Coopers need help with Wheat recipe. Do you agree? Seeking beer wisemen.
Hi all,

I have the Coopers MicroBrewery Kit and made 2 extracts so far. First extract was the Lager that came with the kit. 2wks in fermenter, 2 wks bottling. Had 1 at the end of 1st week and was pretty decent. I had a blind beer tasting with Stella, Carlburg, and Warsteiner. Unfortunately everyone figured out the homebrew as they found it less bitter, more fruity. They said it had more character and enjoyed it. Not bad at all. :mug: I think the fruity flavours came about due to the higher temperature fermentation.

2nd extract is still in plastic fermenter. Its a Coopers Draught and plan to leave it 3wks and then 3wks bottling. I experimented with water in 2nd extract by using 2/3 distilled water so should be interesting :rockin:

For my 3rd beer I would like to try something more advanced. I've read most of Homebrewing for Dummies and decided I feel more comfortable playing with the extracts rather than going on to partial mashing or all-grain.

As I live in Cyprus I have limited access to homebrew stuff and my main source is hopshopuk.com In the Dummies book was the following recipe for a wheat beer and would like to give it a shot. Please read through and let me know if you have any objections to my plan.

Malt extract: 6 pounds Northwestern wheat.
I am planning on using:
Brupaks BotW - Bavarian Wheat Beer (Weissbier)
Brupaks Premium Grade Wheat Malt Extract - 1.5kg

Speciality grain: 1/2 pound 20-L crystal malt
I am planning on using Crystal Malt Light with 60 EBC (close enough to 20-L I think)

Bittering hops: 2 ounces Hallentauer
Finishing hops: 0.5 ounce Hallentauer
I see there are different types of Hallentauer. I am thinking of using Hallertauer Hersbrucker (Is that the right one to use?)
IS THAT THE RIGHT ONE? Also, the recipe does not specify time for the hops. Should I assume 60 MIN for the bittering hops and 5 MIN for the finishing hops? :confused:

Yeast: Wyeast #3056
Couldn't find that. Will Wyeast #3068 do the job?
I am between #3068 and Brewferm Wheat Yeast. WHICH SHOULD I USE?

Now for my really noob questions. All the equipment I have is what I got with the coopers kit.

I believe I will also need the following:
1) Brewpot
2) Grain Mill (Will I need one of these? Iíve read that every the speciality grains need to go through a mill. Can I get by without one? If I really need one for this then what do you think of: http://www.hopshopuk.com/products/vi...t/the-maltmill)
3) Thermometer (Do I need to get a floating thermometer or could I just use a Starbucks thermometer I have one that goes above 180F ?)
4) Bags to put grains in. (Do I also put the hops in these bags?)
Iím thinking of using these bags: http://www.hopshopuk.com/products/vi...muslin-hop-bag
Or should I use nylon/polyester?

1) Bring water to 150-170F, put grains in muslin bag and put bag in pot for 20-30 minutes
2) Take grains out, run hot water through. Can I use hot water boiled in electric kettle?
3) Empty extract into water and continue to keep temp between 150-170F
4) Add hops for 60 min and then final hops for 5min. (Do I use the bags for the hops?)
5) Put brewpot in sink with ice-cubes/cold water to bring down temp and then into plastic fermenter and springle yeast on top.

Thank you for your help and suggestions.


PT Ray 11-27-2009 06:18 PM

All you need is the wheat extract, no grains. Crystal is really out of style. Bittering hops will need to go to 1 ounce. 3068 is your Bavarian style yeast which to me is the yeast for the style.

david_42 11-27-2009 06:50 PM

The Brupaks BotW - Bavarian Wheat Beer (Weissbier) is pre-hopped. I'd go with the Brupaks Premium Grade Wheat Malt Extract and hop it yourself.

Hallertauer Hersbrucker is fine. The only Hallertauer which doesn't fit the general family is Hallertauer Magnum.

First group:
1) yes
2) No, but crushing grain without one is difficult. The Cast Iron Malt Grinder would be fine and a lot less expensive.
3) The starbcks one will work
4) Muslin is better, but nylon works. Some people bag hops, some don't.

Second group:
1) okay
2) okay and yes
3) No, add extract and bring to a boil
4) Keep the boil going the entire 60 minutes. Bagging is a bit neater.
5) okay

Sophocles 11-27-2009 08:32 PM

David, would crushing the speciality grain improve the beer?

Then I'll get this grinder:

Is there a difference between a grinder and a mill? ?!?

Ray, Crystal Malt was in the recipe so I think I should use it.

david_42 11-28-2009 01:30 PM

A mill crushes the grain and leaves the husks more or less whole, a grinder cuts the grain and the husks. Mills are much faster, but for small amounts of specialty grains, that isn't a problem. You can also use a grinder for things besides brewing.

Sophocles 11-29-2009 08:10 AM

is cutting the husks vs leaving whole a problem if in the future I go to all-grain?

also, I can't find very large pot locally. is it ok to boil wort in a smaller quantity of water (eg. less than 10 ltrs) and then just add cold water in the fermenter?

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