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NOISEpollution 02-18-2012 04:57 PM

Controlling mash temperatures
I do partial mash and mash my grains in a stock pot. Normally I'll cover it but leave a little space open so that it doesn't get too hot. This works for the most part but the temperatures are still far from stable.

How should I manage my temps? I use the large burner on my stove. How should I manage the burners? I'd rather not wrap it in a towel because I have this fear of it catching on fire lol

helibrewer 02-18-2012 04:59 PM

Will your pot fit in the oven? I have heard good success stories with the oven set at 150F. The heating is very even in an oven.

NOISEpollution 02-18-2012 04:59 PM


Originally Posted by helibrewer
Will your pot fit in the oven? I have heard good success stories with the oven set at 150F. The heating is very even in an oven.

Covered or uncovered?

helibrewer 02-18-2012 05:03 PM


Originally Posted by NOISEpollution (Post 3801564)
Covered or uncovered?

covered. If you have a probe thermometer for roasting/baking you can stick it in the pot to help monitor temps without having to open the oven all the time.

Challenger440 02-18-2012 07:56 PM

I would second the idea of sticking it in the oven at 150/warm. Reduce the headspace in your pot as much as you feel comfortable that you wont spill anything when you move it and stick it in the oven covered.

JLem 02-18-2012 08:16 PM

I used the oven technique for my first partial mashes - it works well. If your oven doesn't go as low as 150, preheat it to as low as it will go and then turn it off once you stick the mash in. Your mash temp should stay relatively stable.

I moved from that technique to a mini-mash tun. I followed these directions and it worked great - http://www.homebrewtalk.com/wiki/ind..._Mash_mash_tun

I now brew AG with a larger version of that same build.

chickypad 02-18-2012 10:55 PM

I used to do partial mashes in a 3 gallon cooler that I got for cheap and lined with a 5 gallon paint strainer bag. Since this was usually 7lb of grain max I would just lift the bag a little and collect runnings from the unmodified spout (then batch sparge and repeat). Consistently got 75-80% efficiency this way. I have used the oven technique too, though, with good success. I would recommend one of these ways rather than trying to direct fire a small pot.

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