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Topher79 12-26-2012 11:13 PM

Check your Brewhaulers!
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I bought two brew haulers to carry my glass carboys from the garage to the fermentation room. Great idea right? What a way to to go right? No broken carboys, no glass shards in my flesh, no worries! WRONG! I had a strap break on one of my brew haulers and commented on it in this thread:


However, I didn't count on my second brew hauler breaking as I was hauling a 6 gallon carboy full of $70 worth of ingreidents (partial mash) for an Imperial Oatmeal Stout! Luckily, I was not hurt, but cleaning 5+ gallons of wort and yeast of off the floor was not a fun task. I know some of you do not agree on using glass carboys, and this this thread isn't intended to start a debate or seek advice on plastic carboys. I just want people to heed the maunfacturing defects in these produts, and if you have them, check your seams to ensure you don't have a mishap like me. I will be writing the maker of these, and transistioning over to milk crates ASAP!

Topher79 12-27-2012 08:43 PM

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I agree that it might happen more than he is leading on, and that he should have asked for the old one back, but then again he didn't have to buy me a new carboy, either. He just sent another email that stated everything would be out in the mail tomorrow, so you can't beat that.

I think the product is a great idea, but I believe that better QC needs to be in place. I ordered two from the same vendor, and one had a strap that was almost completely unraveled right out of the package. I guess this one was the same way, i just didn't notice it, and I got lucky that I wasn't hurt.

Originally Posted by progmac View Post
I"m wondering how i can reinforce my hauler. I'm afraid additional stitching would make it weaker.
I sewed the hauler strap that was almost completely unraveled, and have had ZERO issues. I did make sure to use a synthetic thread though.

I am also glad that I posted this thread, as it seems like a lot of you are double checking your Brew Haulers....trust me, it's not worth this:

pelipen 02-03-2013 02:47 AM

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I liked that rope approach a few posts back so much, I decided to go all macrame on my 5 gallon's backside.

That's 50 feet of rope, but without the braids it used about 40. This synthetic cord is too stretchy, so I'll use something else for the 6.5.

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pelipen 02-25-2013 11:17 PM

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Made another one for the 6.5 gallon. 48 feet of braided rope. 3/8". Rock solid. Minimal stretch. For $5 worth of rope and an hour of time, I'll make these for every carboy I own.

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