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efreem01 03-08-2007 08:55 PM

Brewvint Yeast Fueld and High FG's (~1.022)
Hey, i have a question about Brewvint Yeast Fuel. I've added it to both batches of beer that i've brewed, and neither of them fermented out totally. During the fermentation, the 2nd batch looked like a rocketship ready to take off for 12-36 hours after i put it in the fermenter. Yet both batches ended at around 1.022.

The first batch stopped at 1.024 after 7 days in the primary. I racked to secondary and i'm drinking it now. Not bad, but i wish i had another 1% of that alcohol. The second batch had the yeast fuel and brewvint alcohol boost, so it went from a 1.064 to 1.02. The second time around, i left it in the primary for two weeks to see if it would continue to ferment but it did nothing for the 2nd week.

Could Brewvint Yeast Fuel be killing my brews by making them ferment too quickly and stopping half way?

When i brew i use pelleted hops, so i strain the wort with a strainer/funnel when i put it in the primary. Could it be that i'm not oxygenating the wort enough?

kingjam 03-08-2007 11:39 PM

Are you getting your supplies from AHB. I am about to order a kit from them and was wanting to know if I should get brewvint. It seems gimmicky

efreem01 03-09-2007 01:58 AM

Yeah, i got the supplies from AHS. I don't know yet if the yeast fuel was worth it or is prematurely ending my fermentations though.

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