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Pugnax88 01-30-2013 10:57 PM

Brewed my first batch!
Brewed my first batch yesterday with a buddy of mine, it's in the fermenter as we speak. It was a BB American Amber kit, nothing special, but I'm very excited.

Waynep005 01-30-2013 11:02 PM

Now comes the hard part. Waiting untill the beer is ready.

CatHead 01-30-2013 11:16 PM

Congratulations! Like Waynep said waiting on the first batch is the hardest part.

grem135 01-31-2013 12:42 AM

Buy some of your favorite craft brews and every time you just cant seem to wait pop a craft beer.... Hmmmm maybe you buy LOTS of craft beer.

backyardhomebrew 01-31-2013 12:57 AM

Now comes the wait. Remember to boil your sugar in water and give a gentle stir before bottling so you get an even mix and proper carbonation. Other wise each bottle will be a little different

Pugnax88 01-31-2013 12:34 PM

The wait is definitely killing me. It's only been a complex days amd.I want it to be ready. Alas, ill just have to buy more beer for now.

Thanks for te tip on the sugar, I've bottled a couple batches with my friend and he's been showing me the ropes.

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