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mjpeisher 10-27-2012 09:22 PM

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Thanks for all the info. We are now in the consumption stage of the process. Of all the equipment, I have had to replace a few things. The sparge cooler developed a serious leak, so we ended up pulling the piping out, and tosses the cooler shell. The CO2 valve set has a leak, and I ended up having to replace the entire valve setup. Hosing was cheap, so I went with all new hosing, as some was severely kinked. Homemade chiller works like a charm. I cooled the entire chamber of 160 deg wort to 80 degrees in 1 pass. I left it in primary fermentation for 2 weeks, and skipped the secondary due work travel reasons, hopefully that won't come back to haunt me.

The first two batches were as follows:
1 - Hodge Podge using the remaining grains the craigslist guy sold me, and it turned out to be a low alcohol slightly (er... by slightly I mean alot) bitter ale. The picture below is the remains from the carboy that wouldn't go into the corny keg, we poured into 2 glasses for SWMBO and I.

2 - The darkest coffee chocolate oatmeal stout I have ever seen.

I got a chest freezer from sears for 260 (8.8 cu. ft. Kenmore) and followed other threads here to adjust the temp up to around 40 deg. I am piping the CO2 up as we speak.

We cleaned up after kegging, and immediately batched up an apple cider to sit in the carboy for a week or 2. No sense having an empty keg lying around and 2 empty carboys, right?

Anywho, thanks for the input.

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