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Thakog 02-13-2010 05:39 PM

Bourbon Barrel Porter Stuck?
I've been brewing one of the northern brewers kits, the bourbon barrel porter. The OG was 1.065, but it's been sitting at 1.030 for a week now. I've already added the bourbon and oak cubes, and I'm getting a little worried that I will over-oak my beer. Should I be worried about bottle bombs if I decide to bottle it like it is? I used the windsor dry ale yeast to ferment with.

Here are links to the product, and the promash anlysis- I may post on NB's website too, but honestly I like this one better.

The other alternative is to just drink it green- my wife, who is not a great beer lover, is saving my hydrometer samples in the fridge so she can drink them later.



Rentachik 02-13-2010 06:00 PM

Although I can't remember if I actually brewed this kit.... I have made Bourbon barrel porters in the past. I always added the bourbon after the initial fermentation stopped (ie the secondary). Same with the oak chips/cubes.

Depending on the yeast that you used, I move the fermenter to a room that is a few degrees warmer and see if you can 'un-stuck' the fermentation.

Beernik 02-13-2010 06:04 PM

I recently got a barleywine unstuck by pitching a starter. It stalled out at 1.025. By pitching the starter I was able to knock it down to 1.010 in two weeks.

If it's in a bucket and the cubes are floating, you can fish them out.

If you can't fish them back out, this is what I'd probably do:

1. Get some more yeast and make a new starter.
2. Rack the beer into a secondary to get it off the oak. Don't worry about trying to not suck up yeast or trub.
3. Wait for your starter to finish it's fermentation.
4. Pitch the starter into the beer. If it works, your airlock should start bubbling again in a day.

CanyonBlue 03-11-2010 12:44 AM

Mined seemed to stop abruptly after quick activity for twelve hours. Used the Danstar as well. Started at 1.072, now at 1.050. Moved to a cooler locale. Temps above 80 with the quick switch in ambient temps recently.

I might re-pitch if it doesn't drop more..

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