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b767fo 04-09-2007 01:42 AM

Black Lager recipe
Any recipes out there for a SA Black Lager clone? SWMBO is a big fan (doesn't like brews with too much "bite"). I am brewing a Hefe for her and a bitter red for me.

2nd Street Brewery 04-09-2007 02:07 AM

All grain or extract? I have a black lager I do that isn't a clone of Sam Adams but it is n the style.

shbrewer 04-09-2007 10:41 AM

I would be interested in the extract version, don't know what 2nd Street needs though.

zythos 04-09-2007 11:21 AM

You could check out beertools(dot)com, as a matter of fact here is a link to a recipe which the author says was inspired by the SA black lager.
I haven't tried it so I'm not sure how close it is to the original, might be worth a go though.

2nd Street Brewery 04-09-2007 11:53 AM

I can post both extract and all grain if it's wanted. I was getting ready to hit the sack when I posted last night and didn't want to dig them out. I'll put them up when I get home from work today.

b767fo 04-09-2007 12:34 PM

Looking for the extract recipe. Drank my first ( california pale ale), have a red bitter in the secondary and a hefe in the primary. Don't think I'm ready to try an AG yet until I have a little more experience.

zythos 04-09-2007 01:04 PM

Here, maybe this is what you are looking for. You may want to try and compare it with others, I'm not sure if it's an accurate representation, I haven't brewed this myself. It's the same as the link to BeerTools that I provided but these are the brewing instructions which couldn't be found on the site.

Sam Adams Black Lager Clone
Brew Type: Extract
Style: American Dark Lager
Batch Size: 5.00 gal
Boil Volume: 5.72 gal - Boil Time: 60 min

Brewing Steps Check Time Step
4/9/2007 Clean and prepare equipment.
-- Measure ingredients, crush grains.
-- Prepare Water (5.72 gal total)

-- Steep Specialty Grains
Amount Item Type
1.00 lb Caramel/Crystal Malt - 80L (80.0 SRM) Grain
0.50 lb Roasted Barley (300.0 SRM) Grain
0.25 lb Black (Patent) Malt (500.0 SRM) Grain
0.25 lb Chocolate Malt (350.0 SRM) Grain

-- Add water to achieve boil volume of 5.72 gal
-- Estimated Pre-boil Gravity is: 1.039 SG with all grains/extracts added
Boil for 60 min Start to Boil
Amount Item Type
6.00 lb Amber Liquid Extract (12.5 SRM) Extract
1.00 oz Hallertauer [4.80%] (60 min) Hops

50 min into boil Add 1.00 oz Hallertauer [4.80%] (10 min)
-- Cool wort to fermentation temperature
-- Add water (as needed) to achieve volume of 5.00 gal
-- Siphon wort to primary fermenter and aerate wort.
-- Add Ingredients to Fermenter
Amount Item Type
1 Pkgs SafLager West European Lager (DCL Yeast #S-23) Yeast-Lager

4/9/2007 Measure Original Gravity: ________ (Estimate: 1.045 SG)
4/9/2007 Measure Batch Volume: ________ (Estimate: 5.00 gal)
4 days Ferment in primary for 4 days at 68.0 F
4/13/2007 Transfer to Secondary Fermenter
7 days Ferment in secondary for 7 days at 68.0 F
4/20/2007 Measure Final Gravity: ________ (Estimate: 1.012 SG)
-- Bottle beer at 60.0 F with 3.8 oz of corn sugar.
4.0 Weeks Age for 4.0 Weeks at 52.0 F
5/18/2007 Sample and enjoy!

EDIT: I'm still a newb at brewing, but check the temperatures for fermentation and aging. I believe they should be lower than the recipe calls for here.

b767fo 04-10-2007 02:38 PM

This looks like a good one - I'll try it this weekend! Thanks..

brewt00l 04-10-2007 04:15 PM

Zythos., thanks for the recipe. IMHO the SA Black Lager is a great example of the style and a tasty beer. I am a little curious about the authors comments on the flavor...specifically the black pils comment which wouldn't really jive with the big malty flavor that I recall of the SA version.

david_42 04-10-2007 06:57 PM

If it works out, post to the recipe database.

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