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crombie 11-02-2010 04:18 AM

BJCP Competition Question
What does "ordinal position in flight" mean on the BJCP competition form I have in front of me?

I can think of two completely different interpretations:

- It's the order that they tried the beer (ie. 2nd means it was the second beer tried)

- It's the place I got (ie. 2nd means 2nd place).

Yes my number is 2 out of 10, but again I have no clue what it means. I've been guessing it's the former though...

Regardless, I was happy with my score for my first competition (29), and, more importantly, I got good feedback on how to improve the beer.

Thanks for the answer, and for the help people provide on the forum. I couldn't have made good beer without you.

AZ_IPA 11-02-2010 04:21 AM

Yes, it's the place in which they sample your brew...

In your case, it was the second brew of the session

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