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rcsarver 02-19-2013 11:58 PM

Belgian Wit - Noob Mistakes
I brewed this recipe: http://byo.com/american-lager/item/441-celis-white-clone


Celis White Clone
Author: Julie Froehlich Issue: July 1998

This beer is a delicious ale brewed with malted wheat, barley, and oats. The style is characterized by the flavors of coriander and orange peel. (5 gallons)


Celis White Clone

5 Gallon


6 lbs. wheat malt extract
1 lb. Belgian candi sugar (clear)
1 lb. oat flakes
1 oz. crushed coriander
1 oz. sweet orange peel
1 oz. Curacao orange peel
2 oz. Crystal hops pellets (3.5% alpha acid): 1 oz. for 60 min., 1 oz. at end of boil
White Labs pitchable Belgian Wit yeast
3/4 cup corn sugar

Step by Step:

Put oat flakes into a grain bag. Add 1 gal. of water and bring temperature to 155 F. Turn off heat and let oats steep for 30 min. Remove bag and drain completely. Stir in malt extract and candi sugar. Add enough water to bring to 2 gal. Bring to a boil. Total boil is 60 min. Add 1 oz. of hops and boil for 50 min. Add orange peel and coriander. Boil 10 min. more. Turn off heat and add remaining 1 oz. of hops. Steep for 10 min., remove hops, cool, and transfer to fermenter. Add 3 gal. cold water. Pitch yeast at 75 F.

Ferment at 68 F for 14 days. Prime and bottle. Age 14 days.
This is my third beer and I made a couple of mistakes. First, I used 6 lbs of DME when I'm pretty sure the recipe meant LME. No gravity listed in the recipe but I ended up with 1.072 OG and 1.014 FG. Says it's a little under 8%. I realized this and left it in the fermenter for about 4 weeks before bottling.

Second, I didn't remove the coriander, bitter orange peel, or sweet orange peel and they all sat in the beer during fermentation. Also, looking at more wit recipes, the quantities seem a little high for all of these.

My question is, what would you expect from this beer? Has anyone had a similar experience? How long should I let an 8% vs. 4-5% beer sit around in bottles before I crack it open? Do you think the coriander and orange peel quantities are too high, and could the higher gravity help balance this?

jethro55 02-20-2013 12:06 AM

That one sounds similar to the BB Holiday Ale that I brewed a while back. It had a bag of spices and a bag of dried orange peels that went in to primary.

It had harsh spice flavors to start and that was expected by the high ABV and also many other posters on that recipe. Many indicated that it would take several months to smooth out - and when it smoothed out - they say it is very awesome. Mine is over two months in the bottle and I tried one yesterday. It is getting smooth and actually was quite good at only two months. Can't wait to let get to six months....it should be great.

Cyclman 02-20-2013 04:00 AM

Taste it. Age will mellow flavors, so if it is too strong, let it sit for an extended period, try a bottle, and drink it once it's good.

Or make a new beer cocktail with it!

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