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Crypto_Sailor 09-25-2012 11:15 AM

Bayou Classic SQ-14 confusion
Hello guys/gals I have a few questions IRT the SQ-14 burner. I've read quite a few post about people having luck changing the PSI regulator from 10psi to 15-20psi to acheive a higher BTU rate. But when I asked BayouClassicStore.com if it was possible to exchange a 10psi regulator for a 15-20psi regulator his reply to me was

Hi Brian,

The SQ14 comes with the 10 PSI regulator, and we no longer carry a 15 or 20 PSI regulator. I'm sorry but the 10PSI is the best option for the SQ14. If you go to a larger regulator it will blow the flame out on that burner.

Thank you,


So far I'm overall pleased with the quality of the burner; however I'd like to get a little more out of the burner for the cheapest amount of money possible. Has anyone had luck with changing out regulators?


estricklin 09-25-2012 01:41 PM

Try looking for an adjustable regulator.

estricklin 09-25-2012 01:42 PM


dbrewski 09-25-2012 02:10 PM

Yes I've had luck doing this, using an adjustable regulator similar to the one link from estricklin. I think the adjustable thing is important, because it allows you to dial it in. If you just had a 20psi or 30psi, it might blow the flame out like he told you. I have this burner and the BG10 burner, and the BG10 will take more PSI. So when I am using the SQ14 I dial it down a bit, and then up for the BG10. But not a huge difference. I definitely think I am getting more BTU's out of the SQ14 with the higher PSI, so go for it.

Crypto_Sailor 09-25-2012 11:02 PM

Thanks guys I also emailed a homebrew supplier whom advertised the SQ14 they had for sell pushing 220,000BTU's. I asked them how it was possible with a 10psi regulator and his reply was something like this.

We measured the amount of propane the burner used a full blast for X amount of time. But I'll post the exact reply when I login to my work email.

Crypto_Sailor 09-25-2012 11:06 PM


Originally Posted by estricklin (Post 4442658)

With this regulator does it require the use of a HP brass orifice Flor single burner?

bduane 09-25-2012 11:13 PM

I can believe a higher pressure regulator would cause problems with the flame blowing out. Mine wants to blow out when I go too high on my 10psi adjustable regulator. Those of you with 20-30psi regulators, do the have a gauge? Do you know if you are rally even operating much above 10psi?

Reelale 09-25-2012 11:14 PM

The 14 is a low-pressure burner, so I would take what the manufacturer said as gospel. I run mine with an adjustable regulator, but mostly at ~10 psi. The btu rating really doesn't matter when all the heat is running up the side of your BK. That's the beauty of the large ring design of the 14. It applies the heat completely and evenly around the bottom instead of blasting the center.

modenacart 09-25-2012 11:20 PM


This is used with the BG-14. It also has a safety cut off switch which a lot of adjustable don't have.

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