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iXanadu 10-23-2008 02:45 AM

Back to back on same trub -- Questions
I'm doing back to back hefeweizen brews using the same trub. My first batch was at almost two weeks in primary, no noticeable airlock activity and a gravity of 1.010. The OG was 1.047 so I think I'm there. There WAS a full head of krausen on the top when I took the gravity.

I started my boil for the 2nd batch, then fetched the first pail to rack to secondary. When I popped the lid off the second time, the krausen was gone and there were a few yeast clumps floating. I must have had over 5.5 gals in the primary because I put all I wanted in the carboy and still had 1/4 inch of beer left. I siphoned off the rest of the beer into a vat, so I could steal a few vials of yeast for later, but was surprised to find very little. I think less than 1/4 inch of trub and that was not with complete coverage. This is a simple extract brew, no grains and I use hop-socks so I didn't expect much, but was hoping for 1/2 inch or so. I *think* the jostling about carrying the pail downstairs and previous krausen on top has much of the yeast suspended in the carboy. I don't know how much I needed for the new batch so gave up on harvesting and put the beer back on the trub.

From reading I know I'm supposed to pour the new wort into the pail and don't worry about the nasty looking ring around the top but it just didn't feel right. I topped off to 5.5 gals, and aireated like hell, wincing every time I thought about that stuff mixing with my clean wort.


Given the very little trub, could I still have harvested a vial or two?

The ring of nastiness - thats OK, right?

I'm using a blow-off for the first time expecting quicker and more violent activity - should I expect a faster ferment?

Any other comments?

Thanks in advance,


BigKahuna 10-23-2008 03:01 AM

Yes, BUT you'll want to wash your yeast if you harvest instead of pitching on the cake.

But even with the faster ferment...give it some time until you're more familiar with the process.


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