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Paulielow 11-09-2011 08:28 AM

aussie golden old
well its time for my third brew, this is what ive put toghether.

1 tin morgans australian old
300g dry light malt extract
200g dry dark malt extract
500g dextrose
850g golden syrup
7g coopers stout yeast
5g morgans old yeast
18L water

og is 1.062 and ive made my first attempt at a starter using
500ml the wort and both yeast sachets....

can anyone tell me how long the starter should take till its ready to pitch?

boist 11-09-2011 12:07 PM

Generally you want to start with about a liter of wort that's around 1.040 for starter for this size batch (simply because that's what all the calculators and rules of thumb assume) so in your case you should have diluted the wort to 1.040 with water, boiled and chilled (I'm assuming you took the wort before you added the hops, btw)

As for how long it takes, that depends on viability, conditions, and if you're using a stir plate. Usually 24 to 36 hours should be enough. Just look at your starter for signs of healthy fermentation.

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