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dieriding 11-23-2011 07:55 PM

After fermentation filtering
Hi guys,

So my relatively small homebrewing research before my first batch didn't really cover hop bags, or filtering the hop out of the wort before fermenting. So my first batch has a ton of sludge on the bottom of the carboy which I'm not excited about at all.

I've been thinking about building one of these for my next batch anyway: Build a Hop Filter in 15 minutes

So here's my question:
Everything I read tells me to siphon the carboy into the bottling bucket, but I'm wondering if it would be a bad idea to pour the carboy through my soon-to-be-built filter instead, to try and get rid of the sludge. I would probably boil that filter right before I did it to sanitize it.

If this is a bad idea, my plan B was to tie the Muslin bag that came with my ingredient kit to the bottom of my racking cane. But I'm worried it won't be fine enough to really keep that sludge out. Should I just count on losing the bottom 1/2 gallon of beer to sludge?

Thanks for your help

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