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6sm9 11-10-2007 02:59 AM

Adding Spices
I want to add some spices etc., to my extract beer kit. Since I will not be boiling, how would I add these correctly, just simple pour them into the wort? Thanks

joshpooh 11-10-2007 03:19 AM

Pouring them into the wort might work ok, but most spices work better if boiled with the wort. I'd still try it though, I don't think it can hurt anything. Maybe think about trying a short boil (5-10 minutes). This shouldn't be enough to change the intended flavor of your kit very much, but still enough for the spices.

bradsul 11-10-2007 04:22 AM

You say you're not boiling so I think you would want to do something to ensure your spices won't infect the wort with anything. Steeping the spices in some vodka to extract the flavours would probably be the best option.

Hopleaf 11-10-2007 04:54 AM

In general, if you boil them then I would put them in at flameout.. if you can smell the spices than you've boiled them off.

I just recently added spices to my holiday ale by soaking them in 1/2 cup vodka for 30 minutes and than racking my beer onto it in the secondary.

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