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Crazytwoknobs 10-25-2009 07:53 PM

Accidental Goose Island Sofie Clone
Here's the recipe:

5Lbs Belgian Pale
2Lbs German Pilsner
1Lbs British Pale
0.5Lbs German Munich
0.5Lbs Crystal 30

Yeast: WLP570

0.5oz Cascade (mash)
0.5oz Kent Goldings (60min)
0.5oz Cascade (60min)
0.5oz Saaz (30min)
0.25oz Saaz (15min)
0.5oz Cascade (15min)
0.25oz Saaz (0min)

Well, I overshot the temp on the mash by a whole bunch, didn't get enough out of the sparge to hit the proper volume, didn't use yeast nutrient or whirlfloc, dropped the wrong sized stopper in the carboy while putting in the airlock (again), and forgot to purge my keg before kegging. All in all a good brew. :cross:

Tastes exactly like Sofie, but the aftertaste is WAY more powerful, to the point of tasting like the vinegary flavor in husks. Still, uncannily like Sofie on steroids. Oh, and mine is a lot drier.

Think I could get rid of half the keg, dump a bunch of Old Style or something cheap in there to cut it in half? Otherwise I'm just gonna save 2L in a bottle and dump the rest.

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