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D-AB 03-01-2012 04:42 PM

7 Days and this is what my beer is looking like ?
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A bit of background:
About a week ago I posted a thread after cutting a hole in my bucket for a air lock but a slight gap was left from a nick I had made. Here's the post for reference as it may pertain to my problem.


I attached a picture so you can better get an idea. Basically it has been one week since I began fermentation on my first all grain batch. I have been peeking in the hole once a day to keep an eye on it but and it hasn't seemed to have been as active as the kits I have done before. Now it is just sitting flat. The room temperature and been sitting around 20 C or 68 F, but while no one is home I am sure the temperature drops down another degree or to.

Is this how it is suppose to look, and should have it been more active?

The stuff that has built up around the edges, should that be scarped back into the beer because there may be some yeast that still have some work to do?

There seems to be some white specs but I think they are just bubbles, can anyone confirm from the picture? Am I able to scoop them out with a clean spoon to see?

Thanks again everyone! It is good to be able to get responses from people with experience!

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