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TheMagicHatter 03-01-2012 03:32 AM

2 Slap Packs of WYEAST 1098
So I have yet to make a yeast starter, which I plan on doing after this batch, but I digress. I brewed and dry hopped an IPA which came out fairly well aside from the fact that it was too sweet. Great hop taste. Excellent aroma. But the beer itself was enough to put a hummingbird into diabetic shock.

The recipe was all extract.

10 lbs Muntons Pale Malt Extract
1/2lb Crystal 60L
1/2lb Crystal 40L
1 oz. Magnum 60min
1 oz. Warrior 60min
1 oz. Cascade 15min
1 oz. Cascade 10min
3 oz. Citra 3 week dry hop
1 WYEAST 1098

Given the amount of fermentables, I was thinking the single slap pack wasn't enough to cut the mustard.

Should the dual slap packs do the trick this time around?

Nanobru 03-01-2012 03:39 AM

Not too much fermentables, too much unfermentables. You have almost 10% of your malt bill as crystal malt (which is mostly unfermentable). Keep it around 5% and you will have a much better tasting beer, and less residual sugars resulting in a dryer beer.

Grinder12000 03-01-2012 04:16 AM

2 slap pacts are almost always best unless you make a starter.

As for your beer. Could be your water. My brews always came out sweet and then I see my water has 196 ppm sodium which make beer sweeter.

Or what was your FG. I assume since your did not mention it you did not take a gravity reading?

Kind of a weird recipe. British LME and American hops.

fletchsj 03-01-2012 06:20 AM

to much malt extract imo. extracts have an inherent amount of unfermentable sugars. I would drop 3lbs of extract and replace with corn sugar if you really want the high grav. You might consider, .25 -.50lb honey malt, biscuit, munich, special B, or something else to add some depth of flavor.
I rarely pitch "enough" yeast anymore... make a starter if you want/have time, but i think it is a waste of 6.00 for another smack pack.

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