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Vorsicht709 12-06-2007 04:28 PM

2 questions about bottling
1) Can I use twist offs? I have heard diffrent things, and Its gonna be real hard to find 5 dozen pry off's that arent clear.

2) After I sanitize (I use diversol) is it okay to rinse with tapwater? I have heard mixed anwsers, some say it is, and others say it will lead to infection unless I boil and cool the water first (sounds like a HUGE hassle)

2B) Okay twist off's suck, but which is better. Clear pry off's, or brown twist offs?

firepunk 12-06-2007 04:43 PM

1) some say you can, some say you can't. If you do, most recommend a bench capper to make life easier. If you do use them there is a chance for oxidation and/or no carbonation. As far as the pry offs are concerned, check your recycling center, ask bars, etc. Shouldn't be too hard. Or you can buy a case of your favorite beer and get a case of bottles that way, with beer already inside!

2) with a quick look at some info on diversol, it looks like you HAVE to rinse. I would suggest getting a no rinse sanitizer. Diversol appears to be made partially with sodium hypochlorite which is the main ingredient in household bleach.

BuffaloSabresBrewer 12-06-2007 04:53 PM

I have used twist offs and it sucks. Some of the necks crack some dont seal. The majority are fine but that few bottles that dont work out are a very depressing waste of beer. GET PRY OFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beerthoven 12-06-2007 04:59 PM

(1) I have mistakenly bottled a few twist-offs with a hand capper and did not have any problems with them. Still, when I find one I purge it from the bottle collection as I've heard others have had problems.

If I were you, I'd spend some time trying to find (or buy) pry-offs instead of doing a whole batch with twist-offs.

(2) Rinsing with tap water is fine. But in future you should consider a no-rinse sanitizer like Star San or Iodophore. They are cheap and easy.

shunoshi 12-06-2007 06:32 PM

Sounds like you need to start getting into drinking more craft brew. I'd say a good 90% of commercial craft brew out there comes in a non-twistoff bottle and about 95% of those are brown.

p.s. These are homemade intarweb statistics and they are infallible. ;)

Jamo99 12-06-2007 11:04 PM

Regarding rinsing with tap water, I top off all the time with unboiled tap water and have never had a problem. I would anticipate that rinsing with the tap water would be fine as well. Like the others said though, get some no-rinse sanitizer.

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