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AnOldUR 10-30-2008 09:15 PM

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Just joined this group yesterday, but took up Talley’s challenge and got a package out today. You’ll have to let me know how it holds up. Tried re-using a shipping tube. Anybody ever use these for sending bottles before?

My son’s in the Navy on a sub. He’s back in the States until the first part of next year, but he’s been over in the Persian Gulf and had Marines onboard. I hear some of you like to climb out of the torpedo tubes? That’s worse than jumping out of a perfectly good airplane!

Be safe and thanks,

I forgot to put a note in the package. Here's a picture, so when you see it you'll know who it's from

AnOldUR 05-12-2009 01:01 PM

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Originally Posted by Cheeto View Post
You are more that welcome to send Brewing supplies, equipment, or of course Brew!
Hey Chetto

I upgraded some of my equipment this winter and still have the two old aluminum pots. My thought was to hang onto them until the next pass it forward thread, but this seems like a better place to find a home. They are Bayou turkey fryer type pots. The 10 gallon pot was used for boils and the 7-1/2 was my HLT. A few dents and well used, but still functional. I used the fittings on my new pots, so these have holes and whoever gets them will need to deal with that.

It would be nice to get these into the hands of a soldier/sailor wanting to make the move to AG or full boils, but who's a little short on funds. You're familiar with the guy's in this program, so the decision is up to you. Send me an address and I'll get them out.

Thanks for keeping this program alive.
Appreciate the sacrifices made by all.

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