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TCJosh 01-24-2013 06:02 PM

FT Right Brain Mangalitsa Pig Porter (brewed with pigs heads)

My local small town brewery is releasing this in bottles tomorrow. It won gold at GABF in 2011 for the experimental beer category. A porter brewed with pig heads and bones. Sounds crazy, but it makes for a pretty tasty, smokey brew, and relatively subtle believe it or not. A unique beer for sure. Wondering if there's any interest out there. I'm going to grab a couple bottles for myself. Interested in any good beers I can't buy here in MI. shoot me an email if interested, and let me know what you have. joshmcdonough@gmail.com

Homercidal 01-24-2013 07:16 PM

Not so strangely, that may be the only RBB beer that I have no interest in tasting! LOL!

I had no idea they were releasing this in bottles. I figured they were going to do tap only. So are they distributing any other beer in bottles yet? I'm a huge fan of their stuff, especially from back when John was the brewmaster, but from what I understand, except for a few months during the switchover, they seem to have a pretty solid system going, with some very unique beers coming out there.

Planning on doing a romantic weekend stay up there and it might be worthwhile to stop in a for a few. It doesn't have to be all about the wife!

TCJosh 01-24-2013 07:26 PM

I have to say that there was a period of time between John and their current set-up ( I hear they have a female brewer now, who's made a big impact) I was really bummed out. Was constantly disappointed, but gave them another try recently and man, they've gotten back on track in a big way. They have released several in bottles....Dirty Girl Stout, Firestarter Chipotle Porter, CEO Stout and Looping Owl. Each Friday for the last little while they've released these one by one. My buddy in GR just picked up a bomber of CEO at his bottle shop yesterday, so apparently they're distributing a bit now.

Have you been up to speed on John's new project Brewery Terra Firma? I drive by it everyday on my way home from work, they are making big progress, should be open this summer. Pretty excited about that!

Homercidal 01-25-2013 01:55 PM

OH man, I thought his project was dead! It's been so long! I'm excited, but frankly it will be a rare treat for me. Sound like a tourist attraction to me, albeit a "high-brow" attraction. Sort of like a fancy winery style thing. I hope I'm wrong.

I went up to TC this past summer and visited the new RBB location and was about 5 days from the re-opening. Russ had a few choice words about having to get re-licensed due to changes in state law. I kind of liked the new place, and I hope besides the new club-like interior they also have a spot for relaxed and casual drinking. I liked the vibe of the old place where you could sit at the bar, or at a couch and just visit with others.

I should sign up to help label some beers one of these weekends. Sounds like a good time.

TCJosh 01-25-2013 02:18 PM

Right Brain simply moved all their old stuff into this one, couches and all. In fact, it seems a bit too cafeteria-like. I wish it was a bit more cozy. Just this morning, i read that the female brewer has moved on and plans to open her own brewery downtown http://www.theticker.tc/story/new-br...aft-beer-scene

Terra Firma should be cool. He recently purchased the rights to all his old recipes and brand names from the Traverse City Brewing Co. days. So we'll see Sleeping Bear Brown again, among many others.

This town is soon to be over-saturated!

Homercidal 01-25-2013 06:02 PM

Dang. ANOTHER brewery?? Why don't one of them move down to Cadillac so I can have a brewpub close enough to visit once in a while?

I never got to sample the beer from Traverse Brewing. I am a big fan of the stuff John was making at RBB at the start, though. it's going to be a unique place when he gets it going.

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