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Dude 05-05-2006 03:45 AM

Beerswap: Walker-san's brews
You got a date Saturday baby!!!


I just wanted to create the thread to let you know I haven't forgot about ya--I plan on sampling and writing a little critique, 'kay?

Chairman Cheyco 05-05-2006 02:07 PM

Wow you guys got some great pics from the festival! Looks like you two had an awsome time.

Baron von BeeGee 05-05-2006 02:52 PM

Walker's the one that can dance.

Chairman Cheyco 05-05-2006 04:01 PM


Originally Posted by Baron von BeeGee

Is that what that is?

Baron von BeeGee 05-06-2006 08:01 PM

I had one of Walker's IPA's today. I believe it was the whole-hopped one because the cap said HW, and it definitely wasn't a Hefeweizen.

This is a really great IPA that I'd love to call my own. It was probably a bit more carbonated than I generally go for in my own beers, but the head and head retention were second to none. It was also reasonably clear until I bombed it with some yeast sediment from the bottle.

The aroma is really clean hoppiness, and the bitterness is spot on for my tastes. There is also a very nice citrusy hop flavor. I'm guessing there's a modicum of cascade in there.

The color is a beautiful light copper with the suspected hint of maltiness.

All in all a great beer.

Dude 05-06-2006 08:20 PM

Holy Grail #12
Tasting note: SwAMi and I are sitting down for sampling! We'll probably get to all of Walker-san's brews and some of Boston's, but for now...

Holy Grail Porter (#12)

This is a REALLy nice beer. It is perfect color (duh) for a brown porter. No hop aroma, very malty, slightly coffee-like.
Taste is super. Not too bitter from the darker malts, and nice and malty. Well balanced, perfect sweetness to go along with the bitterness, but no detection of an overly yeasty flavor or astringent bitterness from the dark malts.
I detected a hint of oxidation (my palate seems to be very sensitive to cardboardy flavor), but the oxidation is probably from age and not a brewing fault. I do not detect an extract 'twang", so Walker you did an OUTSTANDING job on this beer.

Sam here: Same impression as Dude, but would like to add that I got a nice coffee, almost black licorice flavor coming through. Very nice.

Also, very good balance in the yeast. Very clean...not too estery, and little to no diacetyl. Looks like you had your ferment temps dialed in really well!

I'd eliminate the black patent on future batches, but I'd drink this everyday. It was super.

Dude 05-06-2006 08:46 PM

Espresso Stout: Little to no head, opaque brown, damn near black. A little estery in the nose, and the coffee comes through well. More coffee flavor, as well as chocolate with some residual sweetness. Very nice, but a little flat.


B here....Walker, this is what I wanted my LPR to taste like. I am thrilled with this beer. Other than being slightly flat, this is what I would call a "real" Liquid Panty Remover. The sweetness from the Laaglander really comes through. I looked at the recipe and never would have guessed you used Perle hops. No harsh bitterness at all. This beer just really flows well--and for being sweet it isn't over the top either. The coffee is perfect, not too much but it is definitely there. This was an awesome beer. Absolutely no faults other than the carbonation.

Dude 05-06-2006 09:05 PM

Kaduva IPA (p)

WOW. Strong hops in the aroma, and a huge head. Color is really nice. Super clear! Taste is bigtime hops. The NB hops stuck out to me immediately in the taste. I'm not a fan of them, so it jumped out as too bitter. I'd like this beer to be a bit more malty to go along with the hops. I understand an IPA should be bitter, and you got that--but I'd like to see more malt.


Hop notes are a bit too harsh. Also overcarbonated. Might work on your hopping schedule to get it a little better integrated.


Walker 05-06-2006 09:16 PM


Originally Posted by Baron von BeeGee
I had one of Walker's IPA's today. I believe it was the whole-hopped one because the cap said HW, and it definitely wasn't a Hefeweizen.

??? I don't think taht was my beer. If it has HW on the top, that might have been dude's Honey Wheat???

(I'm still reading the other reviews still and soaking in the analysis.)


Dude 05-06-2006 09:27 PM

Kaduva IPA (w):

This is MUCH better. Good citrusy aroma like a classic american IPA. Clean looking, clear beer.
The taste has a better balance, because the hops aren't so bitter. I prefer this one over the (p) batch, for sure. I don't detect diacetyl or any other fault, but it almost gushed when I poured it. It IS overcarbed, but personally I like a slightly overcarbed beer. I get more taste out of it. I know, I'm weird.
I don't envy you guys who bottle because it is pretty hard to dial in the correct carbonation using priming sugar. I respect that.


Much better integrated than the one with pellet hops. It's quite a bit overcarbed, though, and pretty watery. With some tweaks, it'll be a helluva an IPA!


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