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Vermicous 05-01-2007 03:11 AM

yeast aroma, but no off-flavors
I brewed an extract lager this winter, it's been months since I used extract and my first attempt at a lager. The flavor is perfect, no real off-flavors with a clean malt taste and good hop flavor. But the aroma is just weird, yeasty is the only thing I can compare it to.

The recipe was made from John Bull pale liquid extract and I used hallertau for bittering and flavor. Is the aroma natural for these hops and extract? I am happy with the brew and have received compliments for it, but would love to know why I am getting a funky smell from it.

McKBrew 05-01-2007 04:54 AM

Might just be the type of yeast, and the concentration. Chimay Blue has a good amount of yeast smell and flavor and it's a kick a#s beer IMO.

Vermicous 05-02-2007 12:36 AM

I used white labs German Lager strain. I also did two bocks using the recycled yeast, when they are done lagering I will have to see if they have the same smell.

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