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velorider11 10-17-2012 08:16 PM

Are there certain brands/types of extract that are known for better attenuation?
I'm an extract brewer with barely enough time for an extract brew day so I have no desire to go all grain at this time. However, I would like to do everything I can to make the best extract beer I can make. One common problem I've notice on the boards is that many extract brewers have a problem with their fermentations not reaching their expected FG. So is there a guide or something that lists the fermentability of brands and styles of malt extract? I'd like to know if it's been determined whether LME or DME attenuates better and whether certain manufacturers are known for selling extract that is more fermentable. Can someone give out or point to the information I'm seeking? Thanks

Hex23 10-18-2012 12:18 AM

May I recommend you read this thread first: http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f39/2-ba...7/#post3217154

logan3825 10-18-2012 11:21 AM

Stay away from the dark extract and they should attenuate pretty well. Adding sugar will help as well but don't add any unless you are over 6lb LME. Don't add to much either.

bobbrews 10-18-2012 01:29 PM

Use Extra Light DME with a 37 ppg / 3 L rating (the closer to actual 2-row, the better). Muntons is a good brand. Don't go overboard with a ton of converted specialty grains and high percentages of crystal.

If you're brewing something like a pale beer over 1.065 OG, then replace 10-15% of your extract with a flameout corn sugar addition. Seems high, but not when brewing an extract beer. All Grain recipes can contain 5-7% without issue, and Partial Mash about 7-12%. Use a high attenuating yeast like 1056/WLP001 or WLP090. Using fresh yeast, make an appopriate sized yeast starter, following all the right processes. Use some yeast nutrient in the starter and the boil.

Ferment in the mid 60s and then let free rise to about 68 F after 3-5 days. Keep in the primary for 27-30 days total. Some temp. fluctuation after that time is okay, but try not to let it drop/rise drastically from 55-75 F.

You should notice lower attenuation if you follow these steps, but I doubt you'll ever hit the mark of an extract converted all-grain clone.

unionrdr 10-18-2012 03:39 PM

I've had good luck with Cooper's LME's combined with Munton's plain DME's. I've gotten 1.050's down to 1.010 or lower with regularity. I also re-hydrate dry yeasts. Waiting to see how my PM cascade pale comes out with the midwest (breisse) gold LME.

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