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BostonianBrewer 04-10-2013 03:56 PM

Sound good?
6.6light lme
1lb Belgian pale
2oz n brewer
1oz willamete
3787 Trappist Hg
1lb light candi syrup OR 1lb honey
Irish moss
Also I was going to add sweet orange peel to the fermenter

BostonianBrewer 04-10-2013 03:59 PM

Before reaching the candi with honey it was already supposed to have a FG of 1.012 will the honey give it to much of an alcohol taste , an how high might that honey make the FG or abv?

Calder 04-11-2013 01:41 AM

Not exactly sure what you are asking.

Some comments:

- What is Belgian Pale? If they are grains, you need to mash them, not steep them.

- I'd just use plain table sugar; that's pretty much what clear candi-sugar is. With honey, it will just ferment out and not leave much (if any) honey flavor.

- Not sure what the Belgian Pale is, but I'm assuming your OG will be about 1.050. A pound of table sugar in there will increase the OG by .009, and also lower the FG by about .003. I don't know if any software accounts for this. Since a simple sugar solution will ferment to below 1.000, this will offset some of the residual sugars from the malt. You want Belgians to be drier, so adding sugar is a good thing.

- Start the ferment off around 68 to 70 F, and let it rise/raise the temp to about 80 F over 5 days. You will not get an alcohol taste. The starting temperature is all important to minimize any alcohol taste, and the finishing temperature is all important to getting flavors from the yeast.

BostonianBrewer 04-11-2013 02:27 AM

Instructions say

1. Remove crushed grains from package and put in Muslim bag. Tie bag at end to allow maximum circulation. Place in 1-2 gal of cold water, slowly bring to approx. 160 deg and hold temp for 10min. Discard grain.
2. Add LME and stir and stir well to dissolve. Bring to boil, add buttering hops, and continue to boil for 40 min.
Add aroma hops and boil 10 add Irish hops boil 10 more add flameout hops and turn off heat -total boil 60 min
3.pour wort slowly into fermentation vessel with enough water to total 5 gal ..... You guys get the rest

Quick question not to side track only cook with 1-2 gal of water then add about 4 to get y five in the fermenter ? Cooking wort on just 1-2 gal seems small , this recipe seems to be missing steps , doesn't say when to add honey or dextrose either

BostonianBrewer 04-11-2013 02:29 AM

Other recipes had me cook with at least 2.5 granted the were specialty grains I steeped ten added lme but how should I go about this ? Sorry I'm such a noobie , I just got awful incomplete recipe guidelines with this

BostonianBrewer 04-11-2013 02:38 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Attachment 114721

I don't know if you can read or zoom in on it but I also uploaded a pic of the recipe to help understand .

dcp27 04-11-2013 07:31 PM

Those instructions aren't very good, ignore them.
1) steep the belgian pale in muslin bag in about 0.5-1gal of 150ishF water for 30mins (belgian pale needs to be mashed, which is basically steeping but with enzymatic activity; steeping in that thin of water for 10min's may not do much, tho its a small contributor of your OG so not a big deal if you want to follow their way).
2) while mashing the pale, start to bring the rest of your water to a boil. Remove grain and add wort to rest of water along with half your extract at start of boil - adding it all at the start will result in a darker beer
3) follow the hop/additive schedule, add candi syrup, dextrose & remaining extract at flameout.
4) Cool & top off to 5gals. Pitch around 68F and let rise into the 70s over a few days. After 2 weeks, feel free to check gravity. If stable over a few days, you can move on to bottling or allow more time to clear/condition.

if that kit came with S-33, save it for something else. it's not belgian

BostonianBrewer 04-11-2013 08:11 PM

What is s-33 ? And when you say "the rest of your water " how much should I bring to a boil in the pot I'm cooking my lme and hops in 2 gal ?

BostonianBrewer 04-11-2013 08:16 PM

Also thank you for taking the time to explain this all to my dumb ass

dcp27 04-11-2013 08:22 PM

S-33 is English. 2gals would be good since the recipe was setup for a partial boil. the more water you start with, the more bitterness you're going to end up with

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