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Doxology 02-20-2008 09:16 PM

Not too sure if this is bad...
So, I brewed a batch yesterday: 1/2 lb. of crystal malt, 1/2 lb. of Belgian aromatic, and 1/4 lb. of Special Roast were steeped prior to bringing everything to a boil. I realized today (afterward, of course!) that I probably needed to mash the aromatic and special roast to have starch conversion on those buggers. Any thoughts on how bad this may turn out?

By the way, first time post, and I'm really liking this forum! Brew on, brewers!

c.n.budz 02-20-2008 09:26 PM

Welcome to the forum.

When you steep grains you're not trying to get any starch conversion. You're just extracting color, flavor, and body. What you did was exactly what you should have done, everything will be fine

Doxology 02-20-2008 09:30 PM

Phew! Good to know. It was just one of those rarely-had-post-brewing moments, of OH CRAP!

Jaeger48 02-21-2008 12:31 AM

most specialty grains just need to be steeped in 150-160 degree water for 1/2 hour or so. You'll be fine.

avidhomebrewer 02-21-2008 01:38 AM

Agreed. You will be fine. Those three malts don't need to be mashed because, as stated before, the malts will not bring you much in terms of fermentables. I do like brewing with Special Roast; it gives a nice nutty flavor to the brew.

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