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Cregar 10-18-2006 04:54 AM

Need some help
I brewed a nut brown ale on Sat. evening (5ish). My OG reading came out at 1.046. fermentation started sometime in the night because it was going pretty well when I checked it at 7 am. By suday evening it was going at 60 bpm and continued most of the day monday. Monday evening it slowed to about 30 bpm.

I just checked it about 1/2 hour ago and it was bubbling about 4 bpm, so I took a hydrometer reading. It came out at 1.016. which if my math is correct, works out to about 65% apparent attenuation. I used Wyeast #1028 London Ale Yeast which says a apparent attenuation of 73% to 77%. The krausen has dropped.

1. Does everything look ok?
2. Will it ferment anymore?
3. What do you guys think?

I have posted a few time to other people to do the 1-2-3 method. Which I should probley follow myself :) But I also don't want it to be sitting on the yeast cake to long.


Yuri_Rage 10-18-2006 04:59 AM

It'll probably drop a few more points over the next two days. My FG usually stabilizes when the bubbles are greater than a minute apart. Up to a month in the primary won't hurt anything, so don't rush things now. Give it until Saturday (or even the following Saturday), rack, and relax. Most of the alcohol and flavor by-products from yeast are produced within the first few days of fermentation, so it's not surprising that you're already at over 60% attenuation. Just be patient, your beer will thank you.

Cregar 10-18-2006 05:05 AM

I know your right :)

and I thought I was doing good at being patient... then it just hit me... the worrying starts :)

Yuri_Rage 10-18-2006 05:10 AM

Trust me, I know the feeling. I was drinking my first batch within 9 days of brewing. It actually wasn't bad! But it was way better 6 weeks later. I'm kinda bummed at the moment...I risk running out of homebrew before my next batch is ready!

Cregar 10-18-2006 05:14 AM

your lucky... at least you get to drink your HB, Im still drinking microbrews, have close to 150 bottles saved up though :)

rohanski 10-18-2006 02:02 PM

I have a worse problem than this. I used dry yeast and when it started it was extremely active for a couple of days and stopped completely. After a week I checked and it still had .01 to go. This has happened on two consecutive batches. Any clues as to what happened?

david_42 10-18-2006 04:13 PM

Major point: the yeast are still alive & working, there is NO danger of autolysis! Autolysis is something that takes months to develop.

Let the yeast finish.

rohanski 10-18-2006 04:53 PM

But if there is sugar left to convert, why doesn't it convert it? The beer tastes way too sweet.

todd_k 10-18-2006 05:04 PM

Walker, tell him that hyrdrometers will only make you worry!

Seriously, I wouldn't worry about .01, how do you know you're reading it correctly and adjusting for temperature? If it has stopped bubbling and it's been in the primary for a week, just rack it to the secondary. All you need to worry about now is sanitation.

rohanski 10-18-2006 05:15 PM

I know hydrometers are sometimes hard to read with a little too much home brew but .01 is quite a bit. Even after adjusting for the tempereture, in a moving vehicle and with one eye closed I could get closer than that. So you think the yeast is still OK? Should I throw away my brand new Hydrometer?

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