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DonArmando 10-09-2008 10:21 PM

My Weizen
HI people,

wanted to share my second beer experience with you,so you all can tell me if there's something weird...

i went to my basement (68F) today and i wanted to check FG and stuff.
so i took my hydrometer,cleaned it,opened the faucet and a thick haze liquid came out...ok it's the bottom of the barrel i thought,so it's normal that it might be 95% yeast.
second try: yeastcake again,a big fartilike sound from the bubbler (i forgot to take it off from the lid) AND from the fermenter itself...i had half hydrometer full of beer and yeast! Jeez what the hell it's going on there?seems like i have 2 quarters of yeast at the bottom!! is that normal?

checked the FG it's 1018,it's almost ready.tasted that "liquid" (yeach) and it's quite good,but it seems it lacks a bit in body...
you think that tastes like this because it's not carbonated or/and it's still a "green" beer?

sorry for my bad english by the way


ah the recipe is

3 kg 50-50 wheat barley liquid extract (in italy we don't have 100% wheat extracts)
carapilsner 100 g
caravienna 100 g
caramunich 100 g
crystal 60 g
LME 600 g
Amber Dried Malt Extract 600 g

hallertauer herrsbrucker 3% AA 40g 60'
hallertauer herrsbrucker 3% AA 25g 30'
hallertauer herrsbrucker 3% AA 15g 15'

gplutt 10-09-2008 11:01 PM

If its off the bottom you are going to get a lot of break material and yeast.

I'd imagine the loud noise from the air lock was air being sucked back into the fermenter by drawing liquid off the bottom?

As for it being green, how long has it been in the fermenter? I'm relatively new at this as well, but I've already learned that "when in doubt, leave it alone" is a good strategy.

DonArmando 10-09-2008 11:13 PM

the faucet is placed like 2 inches from the bottom of the barrel;the beer rested in the fermenter for ten days,but i want to keep it for at least 2 weeks...
for the noise i think it was partially caused by the airlock and partially because the faucet itself was full of "yeastmould" that was shoot away,maybe...

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