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b33risGOOD 03-18-2010 07:18 PM

My Cooper's Real Ale
I have one kit of this left, I bought two planning on a 10 gallon batch but decided to split them up since it was my first time.

Any suggestions on how I can add to this recipe, something tried and tested? I plan on using DME pale extract but how much should I use inplace of dextrose?

This is a pre hopped liquird malt extract but I added some hops last time for fun. LOL Should I bother adding hops again this time?

Now what about grains and yest. For my first batch I used the packet of yeast it came with. Should I try another yeast? And will this beer improve if I use some grains?

Other then that who has made coopers real ale and how did it turn out?

McGarnigle 03-19-2010 12:52 AM

I've never brewed any Cooper's kit before, but:

1. You could swap DME for sugar pound for pound. Table sugar produces a little more gravity, but I wouldn't sweat that. You could also use some of both sugar and DME...sugar isn't bad in small doses.

2. If I were to add hops, I'd add them late. 15 minutes, 5, knockout....maybe dry hop. It depends on what you want.

3. This is a no boil kit? I think you could steep (or even mash) some grains in the water you use before mixing. All kinds of choices, but I'd keep the amount low if youre using Crystal.

4. I'm guessing that uses Cooper's ale yeast, which I personally kind of like. I have no idea how fresh the packet is.

You hav a ton of options on how to 'hack' this. How much money do you want to spend? My personal priorities would be (1) DME instead of sugar, (2a) some flavor/aroma hops late or (2b) try another dry yeast, such as S-04.

Here are some hacks:


manticle 03-19-2010 01:30 AM

Unfortunately the cooper hb kits don't use the coopers ale yeast. If you want that yeast, you need to reculture from a bottle (they bottle condition and use the same strain for all their ale range both in primary and conditioning).

If swapping straight DME you need about 25% more to hit similar gravity but I am in the camp that reckons a touch of dex is a good thing in an extract or kit brew.

I won't suggest a recipe for the kit as I've not used it but if you want to keep it roughly in style use fuggles, williamette, target or east kent Goldings. Other reviews have suggested it has a reasonable amount of bitterness. Crystal grain probably wouldn't be out of place or you could use it as a base to build up a darker ale or even a stout in which case some choc, black or roast barley wouldn't go astray.

Really there's quite a few things you could do with it. Do you use liquid yeasts or do you prefer dry?

McGarnigle 03-19-2010 02:47 AM


You mean they don't use the Cooper's yeast that their brewery uses, right? The Cooper's dry I can buy here in the US...that's what's in the kits, but not in the beer (Cooper's Sparkling, etc.)?

b33risGOOD 03-19-2010 02:57 AM

I think I will just use DME with some dextrose. I won't boil for as long, last time 40-50 mins, and if i add hops it will be late.

manticle 03-19-2010 10:57 PM


Originally Posted by McGarnigle (Post 1953650)

You mean they don't use the Cooper's yeast that their brewery uses, right? The Cooper's dry I can buy here in the US...that's what's in the kits, but not in the beer (Cooper's Sparkling, etc.)?

Yes. The stuff that comes with most of their kit range is specifically designed to accomodate a wider temperature range. It differs from the strain they use in the brewery. However the yeast in the bottom of the commercial stuff is viable and is the same strain used in bottle conditioning as is used in primary ferment so if you have a steady supply of coopers you have a steady supply of their yeast.

I've not seen the kit/dried yeast sold separately over here but I would assume that's the case. From personal experience the brewery themselves are very supportive of homebrewing and will answer most questions via email so you can always check via the website.

DoctorHops 03-19-2010 11:28 PM

You can make a reasonable imitation of Coopers Sparkling by adding another can of light pale liquid malt extract or use bulk liquid extract if your homebrew shop has it. With 2 minutes left in the boil add an oz of Amarillo hops. Use SafAle-05. Hydrate it first. Best fermented in the low 60s. Ferment to 1.010 to 1.014. Three weeks in the fermenter if your hydrometer is broken. Add 3/4 cup of dextrose in 2 cups of hot water for carbonation. Wait three weeks to drink.

PT Ray 03-20-2010 12:19 AM

I'd just throw in 500 grams of DME and do a 17 liter batch or buy a kilo and do 22 liters. Boil the DME for minute and then add it with the kit. If the yeast is decent roll with that, just keep it at or under 20 degrees.

I feel by the time you start adding other ingredients you would have been better of just starting with plain extract.

b33risGOOD 03-20-2010 02:16 AM

How does coopers real ale taste, jsut on its own, no DME jus dex

PT Ray 03-20-2010 06:48 AM


Originally Posted by b33risGOOD (Post 1956043)
How does coopers real ale taste, jsut on its own, no DME jus dex

Are you asking about using it with the kilo of sugar? I'd have to say it would taste like grandpa's homebrew. You'd be making a beer that has over 40% sugar, what would you expect it to taste like? There's not a commercial beer out there that does that. Hmm, could it legally still be called beer with such a small amount of malt?

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