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chemist308 02-01-2008 10:23 PM

My 2nd Batch
YES! I'm still conditioning the oatmeal stout, but my second batch (an extract IPA from Muntons) tastes GOOD! :ban:

Albiet I did boil it, and it was a no boil kit. So it's a little less hopped than an IPA should be. But on the average, it's still a good beer. :rockin: It was way too easy. Who knew?!

Now I really can't wait to put in batch 3. That's going to be a dry irish stout with some speciatly grain steeped in. In addition to the grains normally to be steeped, about 1/3 lb of chocolate malt is also going in. Will that make it a chocolate stout?

TexLaw 02-02-2008 07:27 AM

No, it won't make it a chocolate stout, but it might make it a more chocolaty stout. :) If you keep the IBUs down on such a beer, it should turn out more like dark chocolate and less like coffee.

To really call something a "chocolate stout," you should add chocolate, cocoa, or cacao nibs. However, I've never found a chocolate stout that I enjoy as much as a stout that is brewed without all that junk but still tastes strongly of dark chocolate. The actual chocolate just gives some weird, unnatural flavor.

That's all a matter of personal taste, though, as many people I know enjoy the chocolate stouts (SWMBO included). Hey, they make 'em. Somebody's gotta drink 'em. :)


avidhomebrewer 02-03-2008 12:38 AM

I agree with TexLaw. Adding chocolate grain will not make a beer a 'chocolate stout'. I have added about 1# of chocolate malt to a porter and it turned out great. I wouldn't go much more than that though. In order to make a true chocolate stout, as TexLaw points out, you need to add some cocoa or some other form of chocolate.

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