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JCummins87 01-13-2013 09:30 PM

How much beer does 3.3lb of PME make?
My wife bought me a Mr. Beer brew kit for xmas and I bottled my first batched the other day so I decided I wanted to start another batch. Mr.Beer kits are made for a 2 gallon batch which fits inside the 2 gallon plastic keg. I bought a Briess CBW Porter PME this time which is 3.3lb of extract. My question is, is there a way I could make a batch with the entire extract that will fit inside my 2 gallon barrel or would it be better to just buy all new equipment like a 5 gallon carboy? Hope someone has some insite on this!

mdwmonster 01-14-2013 08:17 PM

3.3 lbs of liquid malt extract should be enough for about 2-1/2 gallons of porter. As an option, you could make up a batch, then just fill your Mr. Beer up to it's capacity (leaving headspace for krausen), and just dump the remaining 1/2 gallon or so of wort.

Assuming you have the right amount of hops for that size batch, just dumping the excess would be the easiest.

Of course, you could just buy 5-gallon equipment, but then you wouldn't have enough malt to make a full batch anyway.

weirdboy 01-14-2013 08:19 PM

I replied to this thread just hoping to find out what the "P" stands for in PME. I have heard of lots of different kinds of extract, but no idea what that is.

mdwmonster 01-14-2013 08:22 PM

PME is what Briess labels their LME as - Pure Malt Extract = PME

JCummins87 01-15-2013 02:10 AM

Dump it! That seems like a waste though lol so I should bowl all the ingredients n fill the keg up to the normal level for Mr. Beer n dump the remaining? Sorry I'm new to all this so could I put in 2 gallons of water n the pme plus hops into a pot n boil for 1 hr and be good with that or would that make for a strong flavor? What would you recommend?

JCummins87 01-15-2013 02:13 AM

Also the Mr. Beer kit is very basic I'm sure you already know is there any crucial equipment I should get to get a nice kit started like syphons or a carboy or anything else?

lumpher 01-15-2013 02:20 AM

use all the extract. boil about 2 gallons of water, dump in the lme (or pme as they call it), and it'll be a robust porter instead. DON'T throw anything out

JCummins87 01-15-2013 02:29 AM

Now that's my kind of thinking no beer left behind! Hey since I'm already asking a lot of questions what's a good site to buy some lme?

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