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roundhoundbrewing 10-21-2011 09:33 PM

Extract Cascadian Dark Ale critique
Anybody have any advice for an extract CDA I'm going to brew soon?

5.0gal batch
est OG 1.073
est FG 1.018
est IBU 62.1
BU:GU .86

8oz *Dehusked* Carafa III
8oz Crystal 10L
8oz Chocolate Malt
9.3lbs Breiss Gold LME
1lb Corn Sugar
60 min 1oz chinook
20 min .5 citra
10 min .5 citra
5min 1.0 chinook
5min 1.0 citra
1min 1.0 citra

US-05 Dry Yeast
Basement temp is around 62 degrees F right now.

Thanks for any advice :rockin:

smagee 10-21-2011 10:09 PM

I'd add a bit of dry hops to the mix as well; CDAs/IBAs are generally known for their impressive hop aroma and flavor, which is balanced out by the roasted malts. That hoppiness will come from the late additions and dry hops; as-is, I think yours will be a bit overly malty for the style.

The carafa+chocolate combo will probably be a bit roasty for most tastes too, but since (I assume) you're simply steeping them, I think they should work well. If you'd prefer less roast, you should probably opt for Carafa special (dehusked), although I wouldn't worry about it, myself.

roundhoundbrewing 10-21-2011 10:26 PM

Yup, steeping the grains. It's dehusked Carafa III, also.

Good point with the dry hopping, would an ounce of chinook and citra for 7 days be a good play? I have an extra once of chinook already. LHBS may have some citra, i'll have to check. I was originally planning on it, but realized I goofed the calculations on the hops a bit after I ordered the stuff. I could probably make a bigger 60 min chinook addition and get an appropriate IBU and have enough of both for dry hopping if thats a good combo. I also could use something else.

I was kinda hoping for some roast character since I don't want to just paint it black and I enjoy those flavors a lot. I just don't want to wind up with a hoppy stout, which would still be delicious, but not what I'm going for.

smagee 10-22-2011 03:00 AM

Some roast is nice, it's just easy to go overboard.

That dh schedule sounds good to me.

navynukesteve 10-22-2011 03:10 AM

I just made a CDA that was enjoyed by all. My grain bill was about the same but I used 10 lbs of light LME and 4oz of crystal and 4oz of black patent for color and 12oz chocolate malt. I don't know what the corn sugar is for, you should plenty of fermentables as is. Also, seeing as you are making a Cascadian Dark Ale, I would use Cascade hops for your bittering and flavoring hops. I used 4oz at 60 min then 2 oz at 45min and 30 min then 2 more oz at 10min. You could still use the Citra hops at the end for your aroma hops then 2 oz to dry hop either in your secondary or in your keg depending on your final beer storage method. Just some ideas I used for my CDA. Hope it helps.

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