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penguinfogel 04-02-2009 03:23 AM

Enzymes for Oats
I've been crawling through the forums for over 10 min searching for an answer and couldn't find one.

Can I get the enzymes needed for using oatmeal just from the specialty grains? Or should I do partial mash with some base grains? Also if specialty grains work wich should I use and how much? I'm looking for a grain that wont effect flavor or through off the character too much.

WortMonger 04-02-2009 03:50 AM

Look into malted oats, I hear they have enough enzymes to convert themselves.

Shawn Hargreaves 04-02-2009 03:44 PM

It depends on what specialty grains you are using. Some have enzymes, others do not. Malted oats would provide enzymes, for instance, but would also have a somewhat different flavor to the unmalted oats that are more commonly used.

Generally, though, some amount of base malt is a good idea. Not just for the enzymes, but also for the barley husks - without those, you're going to end up with a sticky mess of porridge that won't be easy to sparge!

Can we see your recipe? I would start with at least as much base malt as you have oats, probably 2 row or maybe 6 row, but it really depends on what else is in there.

penguinfogel 04-02-2009 05:12 PM

I don't have a recipe yet, was just wondering since I may want to add oatmeal to some future recipes.

mmb 04-02-2009 05:15 PM

Then look at reading up on partial-mash and look at DeathBrewer's step by step pictorial on the process he uses on the stove top.

Partial mash is mostly just steeping at a controlled temperature with a controlled amount of water. It's super easy in practice.

david_42 04-02-2009 05:23 PM

You really need some base malt. Some specialty grains can convert themselves, but that's it.

WortMonger 04-02-2009 05:32 PM

+1 on the base malt. I don't know how they made those all oat beers, but they must have used a sh!t-ton of rice hulls. I wouldn't attempt anything greater than 50% adjunct/specialty grains for fear of mash tun glue.

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