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DrummerBoySeth 12-26-2012 01:30 AM

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An extra pound of Dextrose will be SUPER sweet. I would add somewhere between .5 and 1 pound (TOTAL) dextrose to this recipe, depending on how thick/sweet you want it to be. Adding the extra 3 pounds DME will increase the ABV by about 50%, but you will need to increase the hops by 50% also, in order to keep the balance. If you choose to use the extra 3 pounds of malt, I would increase the hops to 1.5 ounces also.

According to my calculations, you will need more like 12 pounds of Dark LME to get to 8% (it gets really expensive to brew high-gravity extract beers!) Here is an example of my recipe calculations to get you to 8% ABV. As you can see, 2 ounces of hops only gets you 22 IBU at this gravity. I think it may be better to use 3 ounces of hops for 33 IBU, but that is up to your taste preference as to how bitter you want the beer to be.

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