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brewNdrink 08-26-2008 01:34 AM

Coopers stout kit to an Irish stout?
Hi everyone. Hope everyone is enjoying the last bit of summer!

My dream of making a Guinness style Irish stout and using my tap-a-draft with the nitro cartridges is getting on it's way.

The only can of stout kit I can find in my area (that is fresh) is the Coopers Stout kit:

It has a very high bitterness (Colour - 1800EBC, Bitterness - 710IBU) compared to the Coopers Irish Stout kit:
(Colour - 1500EBC, Bitterness - 560IBU)

So my question basically is, how can I get my regular Coopers stout kit to get in the neighborhood of an Irish stout (Guinness)? The last time I tried a Coopers stout kit it was bitter and thin.

Anyone have success with this kit for making Irish style stout? Also, I must say that I don't have alot of options, as the supplies around here are very limited (malt extract types, hops, dry yeast strains, no grains). Basically, I guess, is I need to smooth this sucker out!

Thanks for any advice.

Cheers. :tank:

momodig 09-23-2009 11:31 PM

I'm new and my advice may not be good. But I was told to make half of what the instructions said... my stout was to make 23L so I made about 11-12L... they said to do that to thicken it up.

grasshopper1917 09-24-2009 04:54 PM

Instead of using corn sugar try using Dark malt extract - also you can try using less water - when I make mine i use one kit - 3LBS of dark malt extract and a couple cups of corn sugar - turns out pretty good

hope this helps - cheers

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