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IrregularPulse 02-05-2008 02:21 AM

Chilling..How long is too long?
I've been reading here a while and did my second batch tonight. BB Nut Brown Ale. Last batch I did I had the benifit of snow outside. Tonight it was freakin 60 degrees (go ohio). Well I just don't have resources to cool and it is sitting in an ice bath right now in my chest freezer. I am going to have to leave it there over night. The plan is to pitch the yeast tomorow when I get home from work. Will it be bad if it gets really cold? I sealed teh lid and put tape over the airlock hole to avoid contamination. Will it be okay tomorrow and I can just heat it up to 70 for the yeast and pitch? I guess it doesn't really matter if it is or now cause thats my only option right now, Just want it to turn out. I know RDWHAHB. Well I'm working on that! haha Gotta get the HB first. Just want to set my self up to see a reply to this tomorrow at work giving me piece of mind. Thanks for whoever eases my mind. Even if its a lie and my beers ruined.

Baldy_Beer_Brewery 02-05-2008 02:30 AM

How big a boil did you do? An ice bath should cool the wort to pitching temp within a 1/2 hour for a partial boil.

shafferpilot 02-05-2008 02:31 AM

I'll bite: It's fine, no big deal.

Ok, seriously, it'll be fine. Take it out of the freezer after work and try to get it warmed up before pitching. Also, rehydrate that yeast (assuming dry) to make sure they're truly awake. Expect a longer lag time since the wort will likely still be kinda cool when you pitch, but don't worry they'll get going eventually.

eschatz 02-05-2008 02:35 AM

i completely agree. just make sure you dont pitch your yeast without getting it up to 75 degees or so. i wouldnt worry about it. sleep well!

IrregularPulse 02-05-2008 12:22 PM

BTW it's a 5 G batch
I thought 75 was high? The yeast packet said between 62-70.
Good news though. Since it is my second batch only I totally could not lay in bed and fall asleep, I just kept thinking bout it. So about 1/2 hour after I posted this I got outta bed and checked on it. It was down to 79. So I took it inside to cool the rest over night while I slept. Went down this morning, 64-66. *Note the lid was sealed on the fermenter this whole time* Pitched dry yeast. Didn't rehydrate though but had soaked the yeast packet in luke warm sanitized water to bring it up to room temp from the fridge. I'm not worried if it's a little longer lag time. Just wanted to get it pitched before I left for work. But I think it will be fine now. Starting Gravity 1.061. That was in the 66-68 degree wort. Have to take a calibration reading tonight and adjust.

shafferpilot 02-05-2008 08:08 PM

It'll be bubbling by the time you get home from work tomorrow, if it isn't already going by tomorrow morning. The higher pitch temp is just help get things get going quicker, but it doesn't really matter. After the next couple batches, you won't lose sleep anymore;)

IrregularPulse 02-06-2008 12:24 PM

Yeah I checked it this morning 2/06/08 and had bubble every 3 seconds. What a beautiful sight eh. I think I will continue starting my yeast like on my first batch. I'd really like to get into the yeast harvesting and washing. But have only made 2 batches and assume you wanna use yeast from the same brew. IE not a yeast starter you made from a Pale ale pitching into a wheat. Got my john palmers book with me today.

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