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myersn024 02-17-2007 03:57 AM

Boston Ale brew is in the books....
The title says it all. I just pitched my yeast and have sat down to enjoy a Sam Adams Boston Lager. I decided a couple weeks ago that it was time to brew again, but I didn't know what to try to brew. My last brew was an SNPA clone and it turned out awesome. This time I decided to go with a Sam Adams Boston Ale clone since I can't find it in any of the stores around where I live. Here's the recipe I used.

7.75 lbs Pale LME
1.00 lb crystal 10L steeped for about thirty minutes.
1.5 ounces of East Kent Goldings for 60 minutes
0.5 ounces of saaz for 15 minutes
0.5 ounces of saaz for 5 minutes
0.5 ounces of cascade for 5 minutes
Safale ale yeast

I know that the cascade is a little departure from the style, but I had them left over from the last brew and though, "What the hell...it can't hurt," so I threw them in. I tasted the wort after the boil and it was really good, which was quite different from the wort from my SNPA brew. Now its time for the yeasties to do their job. I'll keep everyone informed of how it turns out.

myersn024 05-08-2007 03:38 AM

Just a quick update: The beer is ok at best, and is nothing like Sam Adams Boston Ale. I don't really have a frame of reference to compare it to, but let's just say that my wife likes it and she doesn't like beer at all. Despite its complete failure at trying to be like Boston Ale, it is highly alcoholic......probably between 6.5% and 7%. One of these things knocks me on my ass.

After this particular brew, I've decided that mini-mashing is the way to go. This brew was an extract plus steeped grain concoction and it just isn't as good as the SNPA clone that I brewed last time.

RoaringBrewer 05-08-2007 03:17 PM

8lbs. of LME and use of the wrong hops (Cascade & Saaz not in SA recipe) hopping probably really drug it away from the Boston Ale clone. I didn't see any mention of dry-hopping either. I can guarentee the SA Boston Ale isn't 7% ABV though (see below) meaning you used way too much malt. You made a sort of 'strong ale hybrid' or something. At least the wife likes it...

6lbs. of LME and the appropriate hops and you would have gotten much closer IMO...

Tough to brew a "clone" of something when you deviate from the original recipe/characteristics of the beer. Not sure who drafted up that recipe, but its way off base.

Here is some additional info from SA website to help in your next attempt:

Keeping with the Stock Ale style, Samuel Adams® Boston Ale is fermented at cooler almost lager like temperatures and conditioned much longer than most ales. It also is Krausened and dry hopped. Bright citrus notes from Noble hops and full bodied caramel sweetness. Color is red to amber. 5.1% ABV. Two-row pale and 60L caramel malts. Spalt(ner) hops, EKG, and Fuggles. Top fermented with proprietary ale yeast to create fruity esters although fermented and conditioned at lower temps.

myersn024 05-08-2007 03:45 PM

Yeah, it was a bastardized recipe from the get go. The cascade hops were left over from a previous brew, so I just threw them into secondary because I was tired of them being in my fridge. I guess I should have done a little more research before starting, but the beer is definitely drinkable and two of them will put me to sleep. I think I'll brew this recipe again, but change the flavoring hops to something else. At first I wasn't too impressed with this beer, but I'm beginning to like it more and more. It has a nice crisp taste and finish, but the flavoring hops were definitely wrong.

RoaringBrewer 05-08-2007 03:50 PM

Any beer that is very drinkable at 7% is good in my book. I just wouldn't call it a Boston Ale clone, that's all. :)

myersn024 05-08-2007 05:53 PM

Boston Ale was the goal, but I didn't do a lot of searching for recipes. I'll be the first to say that it isn't anything like Boston Ale. I think this beer is going to become my pet project. Its ok now, but its missing a few things. A little tweaking and it could be great.

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