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Simps 04-20-2011 08:31 PM

Berliner Weisse
Hey brewtrools,

I want to brew a Berliner Weisse on friday and was wondering if anyone knows the best extract to use. I have heard extracts can pick up some additional unwanted flavors and colors from the concentration process.

I would also like to get the clean pilsner/sweet corn flavor in the beer, but it may be difficult to do with extracts because a lot of companies don't list what malt they use.

Should I use DME or LME? What Brand? Should I steep any wheat malt or try to find wheat malt extract? Does anyone have a go-to berliner recipie they are willing to share?

And lastly, although somewhat unrelated to the extract brewing process, I plan to add lactic acid for the tartness rather than use lactic bacteria. (i'm going for the quick and dirty method:ban:) Does anyone have guidance on a final pH the beer should be, or quantity of acid I need to add?

Thanks in advance.:mug:

(Sorry if these questions have already been answered somewhere in history, if you could link me I'd appreciate it)

Simps 01-08-2012 10:57 PM

I wanted to update this post because I had such a hard time finding guidance on how to do this and wanted to save someone else some time. I made a recipe for an extract Berliner that takes 2 hours to make and 5 seconds to sour for those of us who love berliners but not the labor intensive work required to make them.

There is also finally some guidance on just how sour sour really is.

Check it out here:

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