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Joekxp 12-02-2012 01:31 AM

Assembling a stout, from a bare cupboard
I went to my local co-op today and found that they must be awaiting a shipment of home brew supplies. I really want to get a stout going tomorrow, but I may have to wait. I was really hoping for Fuggles or Willamette hops, my last stout was done with Fuggles. I did manage to snag the last dark malt extracts.

Here's what I have:

3.3lb Breiss Sparkling Amber LME
3.3lb Breiss Traditional Dark LME
4oz Roasted Barly (steep)
8oz Crisp Chocolate (steep)

Hops (1oz of each):
U.K. Phoenix
Bramling Cross
Mt. Hood

Safale US-05
Safale s-04
Coopers Ale

Other Fermentables available (in limited quantities from other recipes):
Carapils Grains 1/2 lb
Caramalt Grains 1/2 lb
Crystal 45L 1/2 lb
Crisp Chocolate 1/2 lb
1/2 lb each of traditional dark and sparkling amber DME

Cocoa Powder
Rolled Oats

I'm not one to deviate from recipes as I have limited experience brewing, what would you formulate given my ingredients? Or should I just place an order and wait till next weekend?


DrummerBoySeth 12-04-2012 02:07 AM

For 5.5 gallons:

3.8 pounds dark LME
3.8 pounds amber LME
4oz roast barley (steep)
8oz chocolate malt (steep)

Boil volume is 3 gallons, top of fermenter to 5.5 gallons after boiling is complete (this can be adjusted, based on your kettle size, and ability to boil larger or smaller volumes of wort.)

one ounce Nugget at 60 minutes

Ferment with US-05

This gives you a "dry stout" with 33 IBU, and a color of 31 SRM (dark brown)
SG = 1.050
FG = 1.014
4.7% ABV

This recipe would be within BJCP guidelines for a "dry stout" and could be brewed with what you have on hand now (no more shopping needed!)

DISCLAIMER: I have never actually brewed this recipe, so I have no first-hand tasting notes. I made it up using www.brewersfriend.com based on the list of ingredients you said you had available. there is nothing exceptionally "special" about this recipe, so I have no reason to think it would not be good, but no guarantees are expressed or implied!

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