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Lordsoth 09-16-2010 09:44 PM

Yup...Some More Water Report Questions
So I just got my water report, but I have a few questions.

Apparently they don't test for sulfate, however I did find a consumer confidence report from 2009 which lists the sulfate level at 17ppm. Seems strange that they would list the SO4 level there, but not in their Water Comp. Can I be confident in using this number when calculating my SO4 levels?

Also, according to our water dept, and I quote: "The wells all pump into the system which is interconnected so no one well serves a specific area. That said Well #4 located at Jefferson and 7th Street and Well #2 located east of Old Lake Road and south of Hill Street would be the closest ones to you."

Should I just take the number form all five wells and average them out to get my proper PPM? ie: Calcium: 52.06, Magnesium: 26.94, Sodium: 3.58, Sulfate: 17, Chloride: 8.028, Hardness: 241, Ph: 7.32, Alkalinity: 210.

Also I seem to recall that there is a way to figure out your HC03 with these numbers?

Thanks for the help!

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