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voodoochild7 02-25-2007 09:26 PM

Yet another question about my Golden Ale
I posted here before about my golden ale. Here's the recipe.

Belgian Golden Ale


10 lbs. American 2 Row Pale Malt
.75 lb. Wheat Malt
1 oz. Cluster 60 min.
.5 oz. Tattenanger for 25 min.
.5 oz. Hallertau at flameout
1.5 tsp. Irish moss
White Labs Belgian Golden Ale Yeast WLP570

Brew Process

Brewed on 2/25/2007

Mash grain in 3.24 gallon water at 153 degrees for 1.5 hour. Mash out at 170 degrees.
Sparge with 7 gallons of 170 degree water
Heat wort to 212 degrees.
When wort temp. is at 212 degrees add cluster hops(60 minute hops).
At 30 minutes to go add Tettenanger hops(25 minute hops).
At 15 minutes to go add the Irish Moss.
Turn fire off and add Hallertau hops(flameout hops).
Cool the wort and pitch the yeast at around 80 degrees.


Gravity of last runoff was 1.005 corrected to 1.017 for temperature.

Pre-boil gravity of the 6.5 gal. of wort was 1.044 corrected to 1.051 for temperature.

Original Gravity
Hydrometer reading was 1.060 OG is 1.062 corrected for temperature.


Racked to secondary gravity was 1.018.

Moved it to the it was barely bubbling in my primary like one bubble every 1 minute to minute and a half. I thought it was done. But as I was racking I looked down the "peep hole" where the air lock was and noticed a still thick Kreausen head on there. And now in my secondary it's bubbling like crazy. What gives?

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