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kanzimonson 09-05-2010 01:49 PM

Whirlpool, side port, and trub
I'm getting some of the morebeer heavy duty brew kettles and have been thinking about racking to the fermenter with the least amount of trub possible. I built a whirlpool immersion chiller, so getting a hop stopper is out of the question. I'm curious if people are able to rack directly out of their side port after letting the whirlpool sit for 20-30 minutes? I'd really like to be able to use the side port instead of sitting there holding a racking cane.

I brew 6 gallons and rack 5.5 to the fermenter so I have an allowance to leave some behind.

BrewMoreBeers 09-05-2010 11:43 PM

i have a boilermaker and i use a stainless steel scrubbing page (chore boy) as a filter around my dip tube. its stops nearly all of the pellet hop from getting out of the pot. i also whirlpool before i transfer.

I transfer with gravity; not sure what impact a pump would have on "sucking" trub through my "filter".

kanzimonson 09-06-2010 01:02 AM

See, I was actually considering not having any sort of dip tube on the inside of the kettle. I thought this might help with avoiding the trub cone since it's up on the side and not drawing from the bottom.

I'm having the same apprehension about using your method with a whirlpool chiller. I'll probably rack to fermenter with gravity, though.

pedominguez 09-07-2010 03:03 PM

Whirlpool Idea
The whirlpool may be usable with a Hopstopper or other screen when you're recirculating for the whirlpool the "draw" from the kettle to the pump is from a coupler higher on the kettle than the drain, e.g. the one used for the thermometer. The thermometer and the whirlpool can share the coupler with a Tee if you use a thermometer with a 6" probe that goes through the top of the Tee into the kettle, and you have a valve on the "bottom" of the Tee. This way the drain screen doesn't get clogged during the whirlpool circulation.

I've not tried this, but it just an idea ...

kanzimonson 09-07-2010 03:27 PM

Oh man, I had completely forgotten there are TWO ports in the kettles. Awesome, problem solved.

And I don't really mind having my thermometer go through the top of the kettle.

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