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garrapy2 08-25-2007 03:24 PM

thinking about trying
I resently found a beer making set up at the local land fill, no kidding 2 buckets hydrometer capper caps and a can of beer brew dont know if i should use it? it is a english ipa think it might not be any good . dose anyone know?? edme microbrewery series.. think i would like to try one from scratch. well i just wanted to say hi and to brag of my good dump pick !!!! ha ha dave.....

jpuf 08-25-2007 03:38 PM

I don't know buddy, sanitary conditions are a must for brewing beer. I don't think I could get anything from the dump clean enough to use. Even if I did, the thought of where it came from would be stuck in my head forever. Good luck if you decide to try it, let us know if you live. :D

Kayos 08-25-2007 03:51 PM

There is so much wrong with this post in so many ways. Don't mean to be an EAC, but this seems a little weird. :eek:

FlyingHorse 08-25-2007 04:10 PM

Note to mods: please ban garrapy2 from any future beer swaps :cross:

Personally, I'd steer clear but if you decide to go ahead with it, here's some potential label text:

Dave's Dump Divin' Ale
The secret to this unique brew is the aging process used for the malt extract...toxic chemicals first weaken the metal of the extract can; this allows the essence of other surrounding (secret!) organic and non-organic materials to permeate the extract, giving this brew a "terroir" all its own! Special wild yeast (?) strains contribute subtle esters, phenols and VOCs. Finally, a hint of methane on the nose really brings out the hop aroma.

PT Ray 08-25-2007 04:22 PM

You have to brew it, include the buckets if they are all inclusive and pass a visual inspection, they will add just that much more horried visions to the brew.

Will add, if you never brewed before and have to research what the heck you need to do, really not worth the effort given what your return is going be.

lackofstyl 08-25-2007 04:24 PM

One mans trash is another mans treasure ... just call it dumpster diving IPA :cross:

garrapy2 08-26-2007 03:34 PM

well guys i appreciate the support.. i will probably rinse the buckets out first..nothing ventured nothing gained. what dont kill ya can only get u buzzed.

Hopleaf 08-26-2007 04:23 PM

Bleach. Lots and lots of bleach.

cardiac_cadet002 08-26-2007 10:28 PM

followed by more bleach.........................

boo boo 08-26-2007 11:22 PM


Originally Posted by cardiac_cadet002
followed by more bleach.........................

And then throw the bugger back to where you got it and go buy something clean.

Dumpster find....$0

LHBS buy of clean equipment.. priceless

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